I just snuck out of the office to get some peace and quiet. It is one of those times when everything is crazy, everyone was running up and down, crossing the t’s and dotting the I’s but finally signatures have been appended and now I can breathe.

So I sit on the park bench, watching as the ducks paddle. In the distance is see a little boy, flying his kite, it’s a nice kite, it had Ronaldo’s picture on it. His father must be a Manchester United fan-I conclude. I notice a woman, must be his mum half distracted as she calls out to him not to run far, she puts the infant she is carrying to her breast, one eye on baby, one eye on toddler.

I see a lady run across. Blonde, ponytail, addidas gear, ipod in one ear, Bluetooth on another, obviously rich. Must not be working, if not why is she running at mid day? What motivates her? Is it vanity (like me?) or to preserve her health (like me), or both (like me?).

I see couples stroll hand in hand, some young, some really old, smiling, everything is beautiful from where they stand: life is good, love abounds and there is hope for humanity.

I see all these, but I don’t really see. It’s like I’m halfheartedly watching a movie. And I see how I must look to other “seers”, sharp blue pin stripped suit, blackberry in hand, high heeled channel shoes, that don’t belong in a park, not a hair out of place, but strangely out of place. I scream OFFICE but I’m sitting in the park, just sitting… It’s not even lunch time yet. I wonder if they think I just got fired.

I should be excited, I just closed the deal, I’ll get a huge finder’s fee and probably make partner one day because of this. But I’m not. I feel a little let down, I wonder how I’ll fill the days, no buzz anymore! I start to thumb through my blackberry, who do I chase next, what is going down? Where?…. then I hear a piercing scream.

I look up; the lady with the baby has her baby in hand, no toddler. I see his kite, seemingly floating away, elegant, like Ronaldo’s play. “He is gone, he is gone” she is screaming at the top of her voice, the baby is screaming too. “He took him”, she says pointing and running. The police are running towards her, everyone is running towards her, there’s commotion every where…

I get up to run towards her. I raise my head up to a blank screen. Opps! I must have dozed off at work!!!!!!!!

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