I do not like to blog spontaneously, for fear of revealing too much. I want to write about things and people, not about me. I want to share my observations not necessarily my thoughts and if my thoughts, not my innermost ones.

But today I’m drawn to my blog. I find I want to tell it things, like how amazing God is. How much He loves us and how He always balances things out. When a door slams shut in your face, how He just opens a window that reveals to you a beautiful sunset and reminds you to keep your eyes stayed on Him.

About how creative God is. I look around me, I see Petite, long pointed nose and rosy cheeks and I think she is effortlessly lovely. I see, big, black and very tall; I see big, black and not too tall and I know they’ll give any cat walk queen a run for her money any day. I see the not so striking but quirky, I see the ones who barely pass for pretty, with amazing character and confidence that the drop dead gorgeous lack. And I’m thinking we are all in the image of God. Black, white, yellow, green, short, tall, handsome, not so handsome; all of us in His image.

I imagine the process of creation, and because I know that not one of us is created without a purpose and thus the necessary physical attributes to fulfill our own particular calling, i know that every hair, every muscle, every part of us was shaped on purpose. So I imagine God creating, saying, this is just the right height, she will be soft hearted, her hair will be this colour (it will catch the eye of the partner I have created for her), our eyes, noses, ears, fingers, everything in detail, just enough for our own journeys.

I imagine that He really is the master planner and not just because people say so. Verydeep, says she was abused by a neighbour’s son. She struggled most of her life with the feelings of self-worth and fear that arose from that but she became born-again and made a decision to forgive him. Four years after, she calls to say she heard he died-of AIDS. She was not happy, but she knew that even when you cannot look out for yourself and are too ashamed to even share the hurt, God fights for you. Especially when you let go and leave it in His hands.

I realise with hindsight that if that situation I didn’t like, had not happened and I was not forced to move out of my comfort zone into this new area, I would not have met the love of my life. That if I was not lied to, I would not have searched and found the truth behind the truth.

I just wanted to tell my blog, that though weeping may endure for a night, joy comes in the morning. That when I cannot see the face of God, I will focus on the God that I know He is, a God that is good, kind, loving, that gives me the best even when I don’t know what is best for me. That loves me enough to discipline and correct me gently, not out of anger. That loves me as if I were the only one on the planet.

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