D'Banj Photo courtesy of nairaland.com
Photo courtesy of nairaland.com

I heard about a video of one of D’Banj’s songs-“Suddenly” and it got me thinking (I must admit I haven’t seen the video myself, so this is based purely on hearsay). In the video D’Banj is walking down the street, with tattered jeans an old t-shirt and a walkman in his ears-not a CD player. Then a jeep pulls up by his side, some men come out and cover his head with a black cloth, they drag him kicking and screaming into the car. In the next scene, they remove the blindfold, then open a brief case with a bottle of water in it. It’s called “koko water”. As he drinks, his clothes start to change, he is wearing a snazzy wrist watch, he looks prosperous and is sitting by a pool surrounded by ladies.

It got me thinking-what is my koko water? What is it FOR ME that will bring my OWN change?I wondered. I know that though he says “suddenly”, no suddenly is sudden. Success is never by accident, I heard once that luck is when preparation/hard work meets opportunity. So you do not suddenly become successful, you become successful because what you had been working at crosses paths with a chance for expression. I also heard (I’m really hearing things) that if you make your work your hobby, you never have to work a day in your life.

What is my koko water? What will I do if I didn’t get paid a thing? What would I do if I did not have bills to pay and people to please? What would I do that I’ll wake up enthusiastic every day? I mean D’Banj is lucky, like he says in the song, “all this happened suddenly, so suddenly”, he talks about how he’d been to the club not too long before and certain girl’s would not give him their numbers or speak to him and now they are all over him because his status has changed. He talks about the cars he now has and the money that seems too much to finish. And though I am not there yet, I feel him. I can imagine the change that comes with sudden change. Even from within: when you ask yourself “is this me?” when you look back and wonder ‘how did I get from there to here?’ The things you thought were impossible, people you never thought you’ll meet; now they request meetings with you.

I remember hearing a musician-Mike Aremu-talk about being invited to No. 11 Downing Street, to a party hosted by the Prime Minister of England for a certain number of people. He says he went with his band and when they got to the door, he was told that there was no need for his band (by band I mean a band of musicians-Mike Aremu plays the saxophone), that the Prime Minster of England invited him along with his other guests-AS A GUEST! He says he was in shock. It was because he had found his koko water.

What is my koko water? What is it that I’ll forsake it all for, do happily, be excited about? I like T.Y. Bello, she seems to have multiple koko waters. She is a musician and a photographer. She is a fantastic photographer, I see pictures of people I know –photographed by her- and while they still look like themselves, they are their best selves. Not overly air brushed but radiant-like somebody looked inside them and brought out what was best. She is a very good musician; she is deep and optimistic at the same time. Why can’t I have two koko waters as well? Or more? What stops me?

I notice that the people who are most successful and who stay excited about their lives and jobs, found what their koko water was. I remember reading that Bill Gates mum used to look for him when he was little and she would scold him and ask what he was doing, and he’d say “I’ve been thinking”. He has spent his life thinking and creating. And look where it landed it him!!!

Steve Jobs on the other hand, talks about finding his koko water in a different way. He talks about being very interested in only calligraphy while in college and taking calligraphy classes. He didn’t use the calligraphy as an end in itself but used in creating the Mac Computer and he believes that it was one of the things that made the Mac special. He also said “you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards”. Maybe my dots are connecting but I can’t see the connection yet?

Steve Jobs also talks about finding his koko water early; he started Apple with a friend of his in his garage when he was 20!! He says in two years it moved from an arrangement in his garage to a company with 4000 employees, which was worth over $ 2 Billion (Two Billion Dollars). It was sudden.

Really, what is my koko water?!!! I know that my koko water is mine alone. I am called to run my own race and none other. What do I think it is or would be? Maybe it is…

You didn’t really think I’d tell you, did you? Just hope with me that I find it. I sincerely hope you find yours too.


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