This REALLY Ought not to be (3b)

His head lay cradled in her laps. She soothed him like a baby, gently cooing into his ears, telling him over and over that it would be alright in the end. That he will be OK. That everything was going to be alright. Pamilerin looked to the skies and silently asked God if this was really his plan for her. Here she was, a bride of less than 2 years soothing her cheating husband who was in the throes of yet another break up from one of ‘his girls’. She was not sure but she could almost swear that she heard a voice telling her that THIS was not God, this was ‘Pamilerin pure and simple’. But she could not believe it. She felt deep down that she as doing the right thing. As she had always done it. Closing her eyes to the obvious. Pretending not to see, not to care. Because she loved him. As far as she knew and understood these things, that would be enough. Is that not what being a Christian wife was all about?

So yes, she was the one he ran home to when the other woman had had enough of him and kicked him out. For Soji had become a soul-less. He even cheated on the woman with whom he was cheating with his wife! But unlike the other woman, Pamilerin was prepared to stand by her man. No matter what. For when he was happy with the one outside, he was happy with her. When all was well with his ‘outside project’, all was well in the home they shared. So she had come, as stupendous as it may seem, to ‘appreciate’ his projects and to hope they went well. For Soji lavished her with love and affection when they did. Oh dear but when, like now, they went pear-shaped, it was she, upon all her faithfulness and tolerance who still bore the back-lash. If she was not soothing him, she was the subject of his wicked tongue as his system worked on ridding itself of the pain of rejection the other woman had dealt him. Yes, it was incredible but true. And yes she knew, in her young broken heart that this REALLY ought not to be. She knew it then….and as she wiped the tears off her face and brought herself back to her ‘now’, to the present times, after almost 6 years of marriage, she knew it still. But she didn’t care right now, Soji was kissing her. He wanted her. That was enough….for now.

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