It’s 2.30 a.m. and he just got out of bed. He looks to the woman beside him and thinks “what did I drag home?” It’s not the first time these thoughts have crossed his mind, but somehow, after 2a.m. and three six packs, in the green eerie light of the bar, all women look the same. Till the morning of course, when he wakes up perplexed and wonders if he secretly subconsciously likes the ugliest women in the world. He looks to his side again, and with a slight chuckle thinks “I have bested myself with this one.” He sees her wig by the bed- what he thought was a long lustrous mane, silicone pads right next to them, she was not actually that endowed, but worst of all, in a cup are her dentures!
“Ha! The effects of alcohol” he thinks but then he shakes his head knowing that alcohol only helps him carry out his intentions. That the real him comes out after a certain number of swigs and while he does not always like that him, he can’t help but revert to him, often…

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