I woke up today
With my fight in me
I woke up today
And thought, ‘bring it on’
I spoke to God my father and said;
Bring on adversity
Bring on pain
Bring on that circumstance
That should cause me to quake
Bring it on
If it glorifies Your name
And I will meet it with grace-
 That makes a “bad” situation enviable!
I will meet it with your word in me
With the peace that you have given me
I woke up today
And my fight arose too
I said to the devil my adversary
As with Job, you can touch my things
But not me- how powerless that must make you feel
As with Job
Though I may weep
I will wake up full of smiles
I said to him
The peace that I have surpasses understanding-
Human and yours
So your blows are futile
Like an angry child that hits his head on a rock
Ouch! The pain must be yours
For my pain will only show off the gain of Christ
Causing you to lose all the more
I woke up this morning
And laid my fight to rest
I said Lord, bring it on
And smiled
Because the battle is the Lord’s, you see
The Victory is mine
Every time I fight, it is fixed in my favour
And I got out of bed more than a conqueror
Thinking bring it on
Just glorify God through me!

4 replies to “BRING IT ON

  1. Gr8 musings sis, very profound…'As with Job,Though I may weep,I will wake up full of smiles…For my pain will only show off the gain of Christ' …His strength is made perfect in our weakness-when we are weak, then His strength takes over! Iesh

  2. I woke up this morning, thinking 'Oh for heavens' sake! not again!' And then I read Hajel's post and thought, why the heck not?If being this weak, somehow (not sure how but I believe my bible) makes God strong, then its Ok then, I will trudge on.Mwaah!

  3. Way to go DesperateNaijaWoman, one thing we know for sure is that God is good and ALL not some things work together for our good. His purpose, more than meeting our needs on earth is ensuring we get to heaven, if it takes trials and frustrating situations to get us there, so be it. It's like a parent giving a child everything she thinks is good for her…@ Ayoka, thank you so much. I write partly because people like you read! God bless you.

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