The End of Men?

This morning I write because of an article  I saw; “The End of Men” (see link below) and it worries me. It is one of several such articles I have seen recently that talk about the dwindling power and need for men. How they are not needed for the process of procreation, how they are no longer the breadwinners (in a lot of situations), how they are not really needed to raise children (since in Black-America for example, they spend most of their productive years in jail) and …. I read this article and it worried me!

We seem so blind to God and His purpose. The emasculation of men, is a classic case of striking the shepherd and the sheep will scatter and it is done so subtly. First by telling the men that they are not strong, that any man can be brought down by the right kind of woman willing to seduce him ( I mean where do we get that from?), this has also moved to cover such things as autism, out of every 10 autistic children, 6 are boys (and rising!), this also applies in such diseases as Parkinson’s… In the creation plan, after the God-head, the next chain is man (in the male sense), which is why the man is the covering of the woman, first her father, then her husband, it is also the reason why the man is supposed to submit to God and the woman to him.

I therefore, don’t understand why in spite of all the marvelous intelligence that is available to feminists, they cannot see that if you destroy your covering you expose yourself to the elements, and while this may be great in summer, it certainly is not so in winter. It may be summer now, but all life is in seasons!

I do not in any way imply that women are to be subservient (just submissive to their own husbands), I also do not support the fact that men have abused their status (a lot of which also arose from a lack of understanding of the power in their hands and the purpose it was meant to serve), I also am appalled at the level of accountability expected from men and the fact that no one is teaching them to grow and take their place BUT do you fix the problem by creating an even greater one? If we succeed in killing all the men because women can just marry one another and only need sperm to have children, wont the supply in the sperm banks eventually dry up?

I read in the article (I think) that power corrupts but so does powerlessness and I agree, but this is a fight that is actually against the women. We are being urged to reduce the power of our protection so that we will be stronger (it’s the garden of Eden all over again), and like Eve we seem to agree, without “seeing” that it will then open us to attack. If only she knew that the knowledge of truth and evil she would get would make her husband toil to feed her (if at all), let the enemy bruise her heel and those of her children (I am sure this fact alone would have stopped her- her children!!!!), make her bring forth children with great travail, curse the ground, take away her streams that brought precious jewels and cause her to share her man with other women!The devil has no new tricks, he just recycles the old ones and like the sheep that humanity is, we fall for the same trick (presented in a new way) again and again!

This distresses me. I have always had a heart for the men because the fight against them is a lot plus the one that rages internally and all the external ones. The devil knows that if they would only know and rise up and take their place, creation will be different, it’s the thing in Romans 8 that says “creation eagerly awaits the manifestation of the sons of God”, this does not refer to only men, but for the manifestation to arise, the men HAVE TO ARISE! Imagine if most women were able to re-channel the prayers about the hurts caused by their husbands or for errant sons to finding out from God what His purpose is for the world and praying about that! Imagine if the men themselves were showing sons how to behave, showing daughters what to expect, standing in the gap for their families, imagine that the sports people and rap artistes and musicians were using their gifting to glorify God ( I am not saying some do not, however, they are the exception).

I could really go on and on, but I’ll spare you all. This touches me, we are actually consciously ignorant of the devises of the devil and it is a shame.  I know that while all human beings are fallible, it is not wrong to aspire to having God’s kingdom come. I would like to hear your thoughts on this, let’s see if we can strengthen just one man by letting him know his place in God; and I do not over-hype the men when I say one empowered man is enough.

The article can be found at:

2 replies to “The End of Men?

  1. Hmmmmmmm worrying stuff indeed. But I like what you say about helping one man. I must confess I am one of those people who is just shamelessly lazy at being overly cerebral about these world issues. I just dont have the capacity for it. So I just do my own bit, as God helps me. One drop of water, they say….. But you know I can do? I can try to help one man, actually three. The one God has placed over me, to protect me, my mgm and his two sons. That's is a good start abi? Yes, let me try and help, nuture and love them to be and grow up into GOOD men. And, when you are done thinking through WHAT else we can do, as women, for the wider population of men, do share if there is any practical way I can support. As long as I dont have to think too much. You think and I will help. But, it is indeed very worrying the lines of thought you describe! But alas, I feel they are rampant now.

  2. – Here is one of my fav stories, probably apocryphal: The Clintons are out for a drive when they stop for gas. Hillary recognises the gas station attendant as a guy she used to date in high school. Bill says, “Just think, Hillary, if you had married him, you’d now be working at a gas station.” Hillary says to Bill, “Actually, I was thinking if I had married him, he would have been president.”My rambling thoughts:I think people are people first – male or female. An overbearing person (probably caused by a number of factors) will for instance be that way. I used to hear things about the need for women to 'submit' (most people that know me won’t say that again). Of course, my response was – yes, we will – but only to our husbands. I think that some women may somewhat giddy from excitement (OMG! we earn more, OMG! I am like any other person etc) after institutionalised discrimination against them. In a large sense, it sounds like the general arrogance by men against women. There is need for some balance.

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