I hear you loud and clear
I hear that no one like me
Has ever done something like that
I hear that no one has ever done it! Period!
I hear that it is big and mighty
That it is scary and weighty

I hear you loud and clear
Because with every word you speak
My wings crack a little more
With every word you speak
I cower a little more on the inside

I hear you
I hear the contempt
But I also hear your fear
I hear you loud and clear
I hear that if I achieve the impossible
You will see that it is not impossible after all
And wonder why you didn’t dream as big!
I hear you loud and clear
And something in me hurts for you
I wish you’d see that there’s enough light for us all to sparkle

I hear you, I hear you
And I still hear you
Though from a distance
Even as I fly
Broken wings and all
Towards doing that which you said I could not do!

2 replies to “I HEAR YOU

  1. And I hear you girl! And I am so glad to hear from you! Sometimes….we just need to fly….even when no one cheers us on…..We still are empowered and we begin to flap even faster, reaching higher as we hear the cheers of The ONE who gave us the dream towards which we are soaring…..

  2. Yes o! I totally agree with you. Your conviction has to come from within. You must believe in yourself first; so that all the voices from without either confirm what you believe, or strengthen your resolve to bring out what is on the inside. God give us strength!

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