Fatherhood on Purpose

I read this saying by Will Smith today: “If you don’t have a purpose for your relationship, if you don’t have a place that you’re going, something that you want to accomplish, something that you want to do, you can really get lost in the murk of the journey. There has to be a vision.” And I wondered ‘Father’s what is the vision for your house? Does your wife know it? Your children? Do you?
A Buddhist monk also said “Every thought you produce, anything you say, any action you do, it bears your signature.” and I wondered what is your family’s signature? Is it a place of joy, peace and purpose or is it just about the bills and work. As Father’s Day approaches I urge you to think these through and DO FATHERHOOD ON PURPOSE! How do you want to be remembered? When your children speak and act in public, what messages do they pass on about their parentage? Do you realise how strong you are? How much you mean to your child? Do you also realise that a lot of people see God in the same light as they see their Father’s? To stretch this a little, I would say no wonder atheism is on the rise! Could it be because absentee fatherism is on the rise as well? We see the decline in moral standards, we see the aversion to any form of authority, on the other hand, we also see how Fathers are away at work much longer, are making more and more money but knowing their children less.
This is not a criticism of Fathers. My earthly father is one of the best gifts God gave me. He taught me, that what I said mattered and so I write and speak to people and make sense, because, when I was but a child and not full of wisdom, he believed in me. Thus making me believe in myself. He took us out on dates, opened doors for us, gave us presents and so I grew up expecting to be treated right, knowing that I deserve it. He also taught me that when he said “Haj, you look nice today”, that I in return say “thank you. You don’t look bad yourself” and if you know me at all, that courtesy has not left me. Because of him, I think God hears when I pray, because he listened. I think my tears mattered to God because he consoled me when I cried. I can set aside prayer time and gist with God because as a little girl, daddy will stop his world to hear my fantastic and ridiculous stories or fears. 
As Father’s Day draws close, I just want to say to all fathers you are so so important; your wife and children need and love you. DO FATHERHOOD ON PURPOSE– chart the course for you and yours. You’ll be amazed what difference you will make in the world.  The power is in your hands.

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