Pauper turned Prince

“Christianity is just one beggar, telling another beggar where he found the bread”-Bishop T.D Jakes. I just heard this and its astounding to me. Come with me as I explore this thought!
I am soooo so loving God! My life may be at the most difficult it has been in a long long time, but through it, I’ve felt God’s love, His mercy and His grace!
Like a beggar that found food, I see your ribs sticking out, I see your hunger and hear the rumble of your tummy and I am pointing you to where I got bread! Where I got it free, plentiful! Where my beggarly robes were thrown off me, where I was washed and where I got princess robes put on me. Did I tell you I also got princess jewels? A lovely crown, with priceless jewels, a ring, lovely bejeweled slippers on my feet! Oh those feet, dirty from walking the streets; from dung heap to dust bins, looking for something good where there was no good! Now I see them, beautiful, clean, graceful!
Listen to me! I’m a beggar telling you that there is a place where people won’t turn their noses away when you come. A beggar telling you there is a place where the King, sent His own son to get you back. Told His son to wash your feet and dress you in lovely robes. He told His son, to take all your filth, so that you, yes YOU, can come to Him clean, worthy and renewed!
Out of uncharacteristic unselfish love, which only comes from one who has been forgiven much, I tell you, from one beggar to the other, I found bread! I found a spread, a feast of unknown proportions! I found Christ! And now, I who was once a nonentity am now a King! I urge you to find Him as well. Ask Him into your life and truly let Him take charge, it is the best thing decision you’ll ever make!

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