Streams of Emotion

Sitting by the river
Hugging my knees
Feeling the warm sunlight on my face
I drift away

It must be the sound of rushing waters
The rustling of the grass
The sounds of birds singing
Or that cricket chirping
I drift away
And I drift far!

I drift to a time that now feels like it didn’t happen
A time of lines, vines and happy times
A time of laughter and abandon
A little girl running with her dad
Tickles, laughter and warm soup from Mama‘s pot

I drift to that time before time
When I first loved
When I couldn’t wait to see your face
Feel your touch
Just sit and talk
Your mind was a field I explored
It must be the sun on my face
And the sound of rushing water
Because I feel it as though the field were still mine

Just as sweet as that thought was
Is how painful the next is
Love came and went
My best friend passed on
I did not get that job

I sit up very quickly
The rhythm has changed
The stream that was meant to bring me peace
Has taken me inside me
To places locked far far in, that I did not wish to confront

Emotions streaming
Like a river bursting it’s banks
Waves of joy, waves of peace
wave upon wave
And pain washes it’s way in

With a deep breath and a sigh
I focus on the the now
The beauty of my surroundings
The gift of a new day
The thought that where my lines fall, is up to me
What vines I want, are mine to take
And happy times are still mine to make…

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