Alternative Reality

They say the clouds are dark 
And thick with smoke!
They say it looks like the last explosion they saw
The air is dense
Covering their noses so they won’t choke on sulphur
Confusion everywhere
I run to my window and look out
But all I see is clear blue skies
I see the clouds and wonder about the animal shapes they form
As I peer, I believe I see an eagle soar!
And the sounds of the birds that chirp flood me with peace
Then I remember their report and wonder
Am I mad?

They say the land is parched
The earth is thirsty, crying for water to drink
They say the farmers are crying
Because the crops won’t grow, so harvest won’t happen
They are wailing
Afraid, that like in the time of King Joram, women will eat their babies!

I don’t understand!
Truly, I must be overtaken by madness
Because I see lush gardens
I see rows and rows of flowers
Red roses as far as my eyes can see
Purple lilies on yet another
Pink bachelor’s buttons
Red and White chrysanthemums
If all these flowers are planted and watered
Imagine how much food is in the land
Surely their report is not true
Or else I am mad!

Oh! The rivers! They lament
They are all dry!
What is left is a little mud pool
Where some cat fish jump!
And to get to those,
You must beat back the eagles and other scavengers
There is no water to drink
Much less wash clothes
It seems like the end
Like life has ebbed out
And dryness, darkness and death are closing in

I listen to this! I see the anguish
And I should normally feel it-
My mind understands
But my heart won’t take it in
Yes the ground is cracked
But I actually see rows of flowers!
Yes, there is no water flowing in the brooks!
But Elijah and the widow of Zarephat have shown me that this means nothing
Yes there are actual wars
And many rumours of war
But my Jesus has said
“see to it, that your heart is not troubled”

So I nod and answer my own questions
No I am not mad
No I am not selfish or insensitive
Yes, my circumstances may not be great
But I am not my circumstances
I mean, I visit the car wash all the time
It doesn’t make me a car
I’ve lived with and in poverty
It doesn’t make me poor!

I am not mad

My reality is not just theirs
They see with their eyes
I see with my mind!
I live in an alternative reality
And as many as choose to
Can live there too!

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