Tony Robbins- doing his thing! UPW will always be one of the fondest memories I have! UPW, Excel Centre London May 2012
Tony Robbins- doing his thing! Unleash the Power Within will always be one of the fondest memories I have! UPW, Excel Centre London May 2012
Wow! I don’t know how to talk about Anthony Robbins without starting with the word WOW and that doesn’t even begin to cut it! The guy has so much energy, inspires so much energy and really really makes you believe that EVERYTHING is possible!
 I attended Anthony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” at the Excel Centre a couple of months ago and one thing that truly amazes me,is how the guy got me to walk on fire! I mean, he seemed to want to discourage us, he told us of how we might get burned, he told us somehow had died on a fire walk, told us of the temperature of the coals, even showed us the logs being burnt to create the coals! And in spite of this, we got out and walked on fire! I mean, such is the ability of the guy to inspire you and more importantly, to equip you with tools to reach the levels to which you have been inspired! Wow! I have to say, I loved every single minute of UPW (that’s what I shall call “Unleash the Power Within” in this post). Everyday, I learnt new things about myself- even outside what was actively being taught! You see, Tony’s style of teaching is called “learning by immersion”; where you are thrown into the very deep end of learning and you stay in that learning environment until the learnings become second nature to you. So, here’s me thinking I’m going to attend a conference, enjoy a leisurely pace of waking up, maybe go shopping in the evenings afterwards, in short, get a conference and a holiday thrown together! Yeah right- it was the most intense 4 days I’ve had in recent times, with most days starting out at 8 and ending at mid-night!  Registration ended at 12 noon on the first day and I was surprised when at the registration desk, we were asked to ensure we had 2 litres of water when going into the hall. Anyhow I complied and boy did I need it! That first day, Tony spoke from 12 to a few minutes past mid-night when we went on the fire walk! Also, before that day, I probably had not moved my body in so many ways or screamed so loudly in maybe 15 years! The energy was totally off the roof! The idea is that motion creates emotion! So we learnt in an atmosphere that was great fun and constantly moved our bodies into peak state, where 2 things happen, first, what you learn sticks and second, you are more likely to actually act on and make positive and lasting decisions in that state.
Before I go on, I must lay down this caveat! It is that, no body can actually tell you what goes on at UPW. It has to be experienced to be understood- even Tony’s videos on YouTube do not capture it! At the UPW I attended, there were roughly 6000 other attendees! Imagine the energy of that crowd! The cohesive force and the bonding that took place, where our deepest desires converged, everyone feeling and then knowing that “life will never be the same, life is changing” and whether or not it changes for good or for bad, is totally up to us for the most part! And I love how Tony illustrated this point, he talks about winter and how some people take winter, turn it into one long holiday, ski, build snow angels and have fun and how others die because it is too cold! Same circumstances, different reactions and thus different outcomes! Like Steve Covey used to say (may his beautiful soul rest in perfect peace), “you cannot control everything that happens to you, but you can control your reactions to them”. So please attend at least one UPW, put it on your bucket list, it’s one of those things that should be on your list of 20 things to do before I die or turn 40 (whichever, just do it)!
Anyhow, I write this as one of my “how high can you go?” posts because that’s what Tony Robbins inspires you to do. He inspires you to live fully, to find out why you are here and do it! To affect humanity positively, to love passionately and to achieve total mastery of your body, your mind and your fields of endeavour. So I shall share with you some very profound tips I learnt and I hope some other attendees see this post and share some more as well. In my small way, I am paying it forward (as Tony said to do) and hoping to trigger something in you that brings you closer to the person you were meant to be. 
So key number one, motion creates emotion and emotion creates motion. Think about this for a minute, when you are happy or vibrant, your motions are mostly bigger! Bigger gestures, shoulders thrown back, head raised up, a smile on your face… All motions created by your emotions. What do you have when you are sad, smaller motions, shoulders drooped, lips facing downwards or even quivering, if you are lying down, maybe you are in the fetal position, head down… Still more motion created by the sad emotions that you feel. It therefore means, that where you feel the emotion “sad” by mimicking or moving your body in the same way that you would when you feel the emotion “happy”, you can almost immediately change your emotional state from sad to happy- thus managing your physiology! 
Another interesting thing I learnt was the triad for determining what emotional state you would be in most of the time. Apparently, as people, we define ourselves by our most dominant emotional state. It’s the reason why some people call themselves; ‘traumatised’, ‘depressed’ ‘angry’, ‘tired’, ‘happy’… All based on how they think life has treated them or an event they feel defines them. However, if your story; the story that says ‘my parents got divorced when I was young and it traumatised me and it’s the reason why I cannot amount to anything’  is not serving you and helping you be the best you, then you need to change your story which in turn will change your state! So to change your state, you must change your focus, instead of why it might not work, change to what will make it work. Instead of the trauma, you can at least start by being thankful that you even knew your parents and weren’t picked up as an orphan dumped in a bin. If you were picked up from a bin, at least you got picked up and see how you are doing even better than some children born with silver spoons. Then you change you physiology- how you move. Remember motion creates emotion. And then you change your language. When someone asks you “how are you?”, “fine” and “excellent” evoke very different feelings in you and the hearer. So the key to creating lasting change is to change all 3, your focus, your physiology and your language.
Because I can’t get past the tip of the iceberg of my learnings, I’ll leave you with this other nuggets. There are 2 basic human fears: one is that you will not be loved, the second is that you are not enough. We all have these fears manifesting in different ways. What will you do with your fear? You feel it and do it anyway! The people who will love you will and if you never try, then you actually will never be enough! I found it interesting when Tony said, that you can only ask and it will be given unto you if you ask someone that has it to give! That’s so common-sensical, I wonder why I didn’t think of it myself. There’s absolutely no use asking me for a million dollars (yet), no matter how much I love you, I cannot give it you- why? I just don’t have it (yet!). Second, ask smartly and when you ask, create value for the person you are asking from, so that the decision to give will be easy. Ask specifically as well! Know what you want. One dollar is more money. When you say you want more money is it one dollar you need?… 
Of course Tony did not leave us without discussing the importance of physical health, without which you cannot enjoy the bulk of your successes and endeavours (except you call having money to pay for medical treatment, “enjoyment”). The kernel of his advise here is the need to eat live foods, foods that have not been engineered or processed and thus easily recognisable to your body as food. You will know foods are live because they come in their natural state and contain most of their original water content- so salads, fruits… He advocates that your plate at every meal should contain 70% live foods and 30 percent “dead” or cooked food. I have simplified this for myself, I have 3 meals a day, 2 of those meals are totally live and one meal is live and dead, with an equal mixture of both. That by my own simplistic calculation gets to roughly 70-30. One of the most important and easily implemented changes for me, was to increase our water intake and have at least 2 litres of water a day at least (depending on your weight, the more you weigh, the more water you should take). We were taught about how our blood needs to be properly oxygenated to flow as it should and the major way to do that is drink water as discussed above and to maintain a more alkaline than acidic ph in your body. The fundamental things to do in maintaining alkalinity are: have a lot of lemon slices cut into your 2 litres of water a day (I have made that 3 litres for myself because the effects have been amazing for me, just by implementing the lemon water, I found that within a week, I stopped suffering any allergies- which I have suffered all my life. Now and again, when I’ve gotten into really stressful situations, I’ve felt them re-surface but with a lot less intensity and with much shorter life spans); to eat mainly alkaline foods, again, I have simplified alkaline foods for myself by saying most green foods are. Your lettuce, celery, spinach, avocado, green vegetables… (please note that none of these is medical advise I’m just sharing what I’ve learnt and what is working for me). The final element is to snack alkaline and snack in ways that enrich your body, so almonds, which are rich in vitamin e and which are highly alkaline, avocados, tofu… I will send a detailed alkaline foods brochure to the first 10 people who respond to this post and who indicate that they would like to know more.
I could go on and on but it’s 3a.m and I’ll leave you with this challenge- ‘how high can you go?’ What will you aspire to? Will you aim as low as you can so that you can surely succeed? Or will you raise the bar? Will you trudge on the path well trodden or go off the beaten track to the road less traveled but which leads to innovation, strength and broken limits? Will you be just like every body else or will you aspire to be more? How high can you go? Let me know here what you resolve to do, so I can hold you to it!
We all got into peak state! It was amazing fun! I so recommend this!
We all got into peak state! It was amazing fun! I so recommend this!


Of course I walked on FIRE! Whooooop whoop! He didn't me outside the box!- We burnt the box and roamed free!
Of course I walked on FIRE! Whooooop whoop! Tony didn’t only get me outside the box, he got me to burn the box and roam free! LOL! That’s all figurative of course!


  1. First things first, as your first responder, I would like to know more of and I deserve a copy of the alkaline foods brochure. I choose to continually raise the bar. I resolve to take the more challenging, less taken, unfamiliar path.Inspired by your post, I would make plans and provisions to attend a UPW seminar sometime soon. This is an amazing read, inspiring. As an aside, I shared your post on marriage with my colleague who is about to get married, and she asked if youre a pastor.

  2. Aww! My dear brother! I am glad! You absolutely must attend the course. I'll send you the alkaline food list shortly. Lol! About your colleague's question. God's word is open to us all and He is delighted when we study it and make deductions, He says, it is the glory of God to conceal a matter, it is the glory of kings (us) to search it out. Thank you and her for the compliment though.

  3. This is quite amazing and inspiring.when is the next upw seminar coming up because I would like to is time to unleash the potentials within us and become who GOD has created us to be.

    • Thank you so much Charity! It was amazing! The next UPW is in May- this month. If you google Anthony Robbins or Unleash the Power Within, it should be the first thing you see. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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