I ask no questions
I do not want to know
Where you’ve been
Or who you’ve been there with
I like my own realityI ask no questions
I don’t ask if you love me
I’m happy to just think you do
I don’t ask, will you be here when I wake?
I don’t want to hear your lies
Or worse still, your truths!

I ask no questions of you
But I’m full of questions to me
Why oh why,
Do I settle for less?
Why, oh, why?
Am I satisfied with your morsels
Giving ALL of me
But happy to take what little you give
Why do I take the little
When it’s not nicely presented…
Just thrown as though to a hungry dog

I ask no questions of you
The settling is in me
I will not answer the ones I ask myself
I swear, I do not want to know!


  1. Beautiful, hmmm a lot of us have same issues. the best is be all you can be to yourself. Love yourself and give more to you. bottom line, why live your life trying to please one who is not really there… they only realize your worth when you are gone. Do yourself a lot of good and spend the time and love on you…:)

  2. Hmmm…..this is deep in a subtle way….I keep thinking….If I know myself very well, and I do the things I do because I want to, and be the Lady I am because that is who I am, then maybe,I will be happy still, whether my actions are reciprocated, appreciated or not even noticed…..it just doesn’t work out….I can’t help having expectations…….

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