How high can you go? The One About Purpose (1)

Recently I’ve been asking myself, what do I want? I am one of those people who like to learn to study and to teach. I love to travel, I love to hear the ocean, I really love talking to people. Hearing their stories, learning from them. And most importantly, I love God and I’m grateful for the gift of life.

Why do I say all of this? Because finally, I have discovered what I want. What really makes me happy and now that I’ve discovered it, I am a little surprised by how simple it is! What do I want? ‘I want to make a positive difference in the world’.
Isn’t that really simple? It is but it’s really clarifying! And now that I know what it is I want, I can see how my subconscious already knew this and expressed this. It’s in the simple things. I attend church at This Present House and I remember the first time I went there was because I was running late to go to the church which I attended at the time. But at that service, I saw they had an outreach and rehabilitation programme for prostitutes and area boys and a “deaf and able” church. There and then, I decided this is where I want to be and so This Present House it became and is. I didn’t realise it at the time but it was an alignment of goals, it seemed like they were making a positive difference and I wanted to be part of that.
I studied law because I hated injustice and wanted to help fight it. I hate to see others  cheated and not have a voice. I always teach and share what I know, because once something makes me better, I think everyone must know this too (its the reason I cannot talk much without talking about Christ, that’s the best most important thing I know. I have literarily lived 2 lives- BC and AC! Truly, AC has been more rewarding, more confident, less fearful, richer, more exhilarating!). I pay compliments to people, hoping to add more sunshine to their day. I accept compliments generously too! All little things, but all pointing me to what my innermost self wants to express.
Do you see where I’m leading? Though I had not consciously expressed it, my desire to make a positive difference has found expression in my very being. And the more I think about it, the more it adds up. I write to share what I know, I write poetry because it expresses the heart of me. I write my short stories so that maybe you’ll be entertained and leave your reality for a bit but more importantly so that you’ll learn something or confront something or be more aware- even if the “matter heavy for your mouth” abeg “talk am”.
So now I know the what? The next question is the “how”? And while that will be the subject of my next blog post, in contemplating my “how”, the story of the man on the beach throwing star fish into the ocean comes to mind. Do you know the story? It goes like this, a man was walking along the beach throwing star fish stranded in the sand, back into the ocean (they would normally die if left on the sand) and a little boy who had been watching him ran up to say, there are hundreds of them,  “you can’t save all” and the man picks up another star fish, throws it in the ocean and says “but I can save this one”. Hmm! My goal? Make a positive difference in the world, one person at a time, starting in my areas of influence. If I can make just one person see that the power is in their hands, that circumstances don’t define you. That if you don’t like it, you can and must change it. That fear is false evidence appearing real and you can feel the fear and do it anyway. That life is beautiful and your past only translates to your future to the degree that you allow it (I like to say, going into a car wash doesn’t make you a car). If I can make a difference in one life, at one time and that life is better, than I have achieved my goal  “to make a positive difference in the world, one life, one person, at a time”. Ciao! Leave a comment. Tell me what your goal is and how it has found conscious or unconscious expression so far.


  1. Hajel, Hajel, Hajel. Thank you for being the full stop to the thoughts I was just having. I love watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I cry every time 'they move that bus'. But this time my tears were for more than that. I love how lives are touched by this show. This episode shoes were sent all the way to Jamaica for kids who had never had a new pair of shoes in their lives assuming they even had any at all. I said to myself, as I cleaned my eyes and nose. I want to do that.Yes, Hajel, I want to put smiles on people's faces like that. And by the grace of God, I shall in Jesus name. Amen! Thanks for your post. I love 'hearing' from you. Happy New Year by the way!

  2. Aww! Happy new year Salt! Thank you for your beautiful insightful comment. I am so glad you want to help the under privileged. For some reason, I have been noticing quite recently that a lot of children who hawk food on the streets do not wear shoes, and in the very recent past I have found myself giving a few of them money to buy slippers and come and show me. So I was thinking that for Easter, I would like to buy at least 50 Crocs (because they last long) or Tods (because for every one pair that is bought, another pair is given to a poor child somewhere else) and share to street hawkers in the Ajegunle or Mushin areas. It is still a thought but if this is something you'd like to collaborate on, you can drop me an email at I love hearing from you too! May 2013, be beautiful for you in every way.

  3. Haj, this is a beautiful write-up and i am so inspired by it. My dream has always been to work with teens. They are so innocent and easily misled and each time i have the opportunity to talk with them, i am elated. Because you hear them sharing their dreams and aspirations and all they need is one who can truly believe in them and trust them enough to express themselves. I am still looking for ways to really reach out to them. They really make me feel young and also make me remember my days when i really needed an adult to talk to, but no one seems to be hearing or understanding me. Lets give ears to these children, pay attention to what they are saying and you will be surprised at how you can really help them.

  4. Dear Nene! That is so cool! Reading that I see a lot of who you already though; young in spirit, outlook and look. Always reaching out to and championing the course of younger ones, speaking up… So please just do it more deliberately. Some kid out there is misunderstood and feels the world hates him/her and it may be you that helps change his perspective and life! So formalize it, start something in church or around work or even on your blog- where teens can send in their questions, where they can even have discussion forums and then maybe graduate that.

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