How high can you go? The One About Purpose (2)

So in my last blog post, we discussed the “why”- Why am I here? And how my purpose found expression in my daily living.  I said my goal is to “make a positive difference in the world, one person at a time, starting in my areas of influence. If I can make just one person see that the power is in their hands, that circumstances don’t define you. That if you don’t like it, you can change it. That fear is false evidence appearing real and you can feel the fear and do it anyway. That life is beautiful and your past only translates to your future to the degree that you allow it. If I can make a difference in one life, at one time and that life is better, then I have achieved my goal”. Which is great. But to stop there would be to do my “why” an injustice. So I am asking “how”? How do I make my “why” real?
This is where I have often gotten overwhelmed in the past. When I think of making a positive difference in the world, it’s very easy to think of all the problems the world has- child trafficking, child prostitution, abuse, molestation, domestic violence, poverty, infant mortality, corruption, racial discrimination,  reverse discrimination, unequal opportunity, bullying… It’s easy to look at that list and despair. To wonder how only you can change all or even one of these things; if you matter enough, are big enough or can make your voice heard enough. And so you despair! It is because of this tendency to despair that I shared the story of the man who was throwing the star fish back into the ocean. In determining my how, I will not be looking to the magnitude of the problems but to the magnitude of my faith. To the belief that I may not be able to solve the world’s problems but I may be able to solve  one person’s problem and that one person will go on and live a richly rewarding life and also liberate another person and so on and so forth. Or better still give someone tools that they can always fall back on to solve their own problems and they share those tools and empower more people! Awesome!
With this empowering thought, I then ask “how”, how do I suppose I can make a positive difference in the world? What tools are at my disposal? And that’s a wonderful question because I now feel like Handy Manny with a box full of tools; I have my voice (spoken & written), I have inclinations- the things I naturally lean towards, I have my passions, I have my work, I have my network, my earnings, my faith! Isn’t it interesting? Before now, I never saw me as an asset to me. I have counted my assets as external acquisitions and me as an asset to my companies, husband and people I relate with. But me as an asset to me? Nope! Didn’t cross my mind! But that’s what I am, that’s what we all are. If it is true that we are each here on earth for a reason and that we are each equipped to make that reason materialize, then the first thing we need to make that happen is to be us! Wow! That’s a revelation even to me, I now better understand “wonderfully and fearfully made”, I better understand  where the Bible says that before we were created, we were first fore-known and anointed for our tasks! That means to me that I am here for something that only I can do, in the way that only I can do it. Lets imagine talk show hosts for a minute, there’s Steve Harvey, there’s Ellen DeGenerees, there’s Chelsea Lately  and there’s Dr Phil (I know you want me to mention Oprah in this but I won’t!), these 4 people do the same thing but in very different ways. If Ellen insisted that she would make her talk show exactly like Oprah’s, we all know, she’d have been out of business before she started! The reason she has done well, is because she has remained herself! I could go on with examples to illustrate my point, but I’m sure you get it. You are a designer original, with DNA, a voice print, a finger print, iris and I dare say “a spirit print” (by that I mean an impact that your being on earth has to the entire universe, the vibes that you give out as a spirit being), that only you have.
So you are your first tool in fulfilling your purpose. Your pain, your experiences, your propensities, your gifts, desires, intellect, dislikes, likes, loves… All are given to you or have happened to you because they will be useful in getting you where God intended for you to go! I love that! I will explore this thought further in my next Introspection blog post, in the mean time, I’ll leave you with this video that touched my heart and in part explains that usually “your ministry is where your misery has been”. Enjoy and leave me a comment please!


  1. PURPOSE! now I’m inspired to write…..Starting with my 90 days self discovery & building programme…..I just created a blog, thanks to my new inspiration Hajara, when I’m ready to share I’ll drop the link here……

    • Boy! Am I glad Damie! That’s like the best news! Can’t wait to read from you! To watch you cultivate your gifts and see it grow to full expression, as I am sure it will. Thanks a lot for your comments! It’s really good to hear from you.

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