The Responsibility of Knowing

There is a huge responsibility in knowing! As someone who actively seeks knowledge, I am actually just realizing the weight of that responsibility. If you read my blog, you know I attended the Anthony Robbins led “Unleash the Power Within” last year and this year, I’ve taken myself to the Success Summit in South Africa where I’ve had the awesome privilege of learning from people like Loral Langemeier, Andy Harrington, the awesome Peter Sage, Robin Banks, Greg Secker, Robert Allen and the great Richard Branson. 
The Success Summit was over last night and as I woke up this morning, journal in hand, sitting to reflect on what I had learnt and determining practical applicability in my own life, I thought WOW! There must be a reason! There must be a reason why in a crowd of 5000 people from different areas in South Africa, only a handful of people would have felt the need to travel to South Africa to Nigeria in pursuit of knowledge! And there must be a reason why I am one of them.
I also know that no “reason” for anything in my life has ever been for me alone!   Maybe it’s the first born syndrome, but if I have been blessed, I have always been blessed so I can bless others, a river, not a dam. It’s as though what I know and have,  just has to flow out of me and somehow benefit others.
So imagine how I feel this morning. I feel that I have had access to so much greatness, I have had access to so much that is of “higher” thought and I feel like the information I have been blessed with, if used, can actually change lives. The burden then is, that having known this, having learnt, how can I ensure that; one, I use the information to create the change that I seek in my own life and two, how can I make one more person’s life better with this information!
This is what I propose to do. I propose to unravel my thoughts in the form of blog posts like this one. I will share what I learnt from the various speakers and my interpretation of them. I will also try to see from a practical Nigerian standpoint how they can be applied to use to create small changes that will eventually snowball into an avalanche of change. And then, we will work together -yes, you and I, to actually act on these things. 
I am convinced that we all have greatness in us! That Nigeria as a nation is abundantly blessed, that we are the miners, we will dig out the diamonds, polish them and make Nigeria shine as she should! But because, “you cannot give what you do not have”, we will have to bring out the diamonds in ourselves first! Work on us, polish us, bring out everything of value that is inside us! Live on purpose and in so doing, in letting our light shine, we not only light up others around us, we also give them permission to shine. If it is true that it’s our light not our darkness that most frightens us, and you and I know that fear is an illusion,then please let’s do this! Lets try to live in such a way that when its time to go, we can say we played full out! We swung the bat! Lived fully, died empty! In such a way that when the “earth” tells its story, it will say “there once lived a man or a woman…” And that story will be about you! 
Watch this space!


  1. You, I admire a lot. I shall be watching this space. I am waiting to learn. I was not in SA but thanks to you, I am praying my life will benefit from you being there.

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