Leo Stan Eke at the WOW D.I.V.A.S Unleash the X-Factor Event

Mr. Leo Stan Ekeh being interviewed by the Visionaire and Founder of WOW D.I.V.A.S- Mrs Udo Okonjo. Photographs by Bash Photography (bash may be reached on  07032818075). Picture used with permission of the WOW D.I.V.A.S.
Mr. Leo Stan Ekeh being interviewed by the Visionaire and Founder of WOW D.I.V.A.S- Mrs Udo Okonjo. Photographs by Bash Photography (bash may be reached on 07032818075). Picture used with permission of the WOW D.I.V.A.S.

Wow! What can I say about this fellow! He was simple, unassuming and super duper smart! You know those kind of people that do not teach you out of theories, what they’ve heard, what they’ve read, they teach you from what they’ve lived! That’s what  Mr. Ekeh did. Some nuggets  from his presentation at the WOW DIVAS, Unleash the X-Factor are:

The X-Factor is that extra quality in you that differentiates you. We all have it but very few people take advantage of it! He was making the fundamental point of everyone’s giftedness but also pointing that we need to work our gifts. Reminds me of an economic principle we were taught in school- equal availability does not mean equal valuation or equal maximization! Lol! I just had to throw that in.
He spoke like an intelligent business man, just little things that made you think mighty thoughts. He said, this is the first century on earth, you make money with style and you enjoy it. He was referring to the fact that it is no longer only an industrialized world. That you can make money from public speaking, from ICT, from jobs and disciplines that are soft not requiring physical toil!
However to garner significant wealth, to live in style and enjoy the rewards of your work, you need a little more thinking, a little more planning, a little more effort… You need to do what the average person will not do to achieve results that are above average! To get to the X-Factor,  you have to think way way out of the box and work from a place of passion, in his words “Go where you have peace!”
Mr. Ekeh then went on to say to live the X-Factor life, your life has to have significance and value that is beyond you- for him, its patriotism and passion, an unyielding belief that Nigeria can be great for 100% of the population as opposed to 30%. For you, your driving force might be that you hate injustice or hate to see children  hawking on the street instead of being in school. Whatever your passion is the question on your mind should be “How much value can I add? What positive change can I bring?”
He went on to say “Where there is passion, there is wealth! Your passion must be linked with knowledge, content, energy, commitment!” Your product or service must add value and be different from the competition! And after that; after you’ve set yourself apart as the best in whatever you’ve put your heart to, then you continue to innovate. Here he shared an interesting story of how he went to a filling station in Nigeria some years ago and was cheated by the fuel attendant who did not clear the meter before filling his tank.  He got into an argument with the petrol attendant who insisted he was right, so Mr. Ekeh drove off and started thinking, how can I change that? How can I ensure that I am no longer cheated by a fuel attendant? Shortly after, the first digital fuel pumps were introduced into Nigeria- he did his research, wrote his proposals, convinced some down stream marketers and life has been made better for you and I.
I could go on and on about this man’s conversation with us at the X-Factor event but I don’t want to run the risk of boring you! Next time, if I tell you the WOW D.I.V.A.S are having an event, please make sure you attend, so you don’t hear it second hand! However, since you are doing me the honour of reading my blog the final nuggets from him were:
-Staying power. Finish it up! Continue to push!
-Be determined to break the rules and convention.
-Be determined to succeed when people want you to fail…
-Speak your truth! Own the story…
-Content and capacity! Don’t fight as a fool…
-The X-Factor in you has to be  accompanied with  humility and  but also some intellectual arrogance because you know what you know and you know it excellently!
-God is everything….
-Be alive to fight! Fight for the truth you know but also know your capacity…
– If you are in a team, ensure everyone in your team succeeds
-Sustain innovation…  Even in marriage
-While you achieve, do not forget God…
-Pay your tithe…Malachi 3: 10 (it is surprising how the most successful people understand the importance of giving and the people who remain focused on their own lack do not)
Focus on the totality of living…
-Control yourself…
-The determination to be world class! Be selectively deaf
– If you are educated, you have access to wealth…
-There is a back office build that!
-Make your home what you want…
-Advise yourself about the extent of risk you can take…
-Be determined to be number ONE in anything you do!
-Do everything to world class standards– have systems, structures, human capital and content…
-Do things that you enjoy
-Be the best you, you can be.
-Planning, do things properly…
-Learn from your mistakes and have them early so you can recover…
-Life is situational and locational…
This is a lot of great an useful information! If you got to the end, I congratulate you! You have staying power! Please leave your comments, where have you applied any of the principles Mr. Ekeh shared and what will you do differently going forward? In the meantime, don’t forget to be awesome! Ciao!

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