Robin Banks- Create Your World: Notes from the Success Summit South Africa 2013

Robin Banks & my friend Stella, at the Success Summit, South Africa- March 2013
Robin Banks & my friend Stella, at the Success Summit, South Africa- March 2013

Robin Banks was amazing! From his tight shirt that kept popping open at well orchestrated intervals to his name that sounded more like a job description, Robin Banks was as hilarious as his message was serious!

He spoke with us about mind power and in my view that was an excellent place to start! Some of the nuggets he shared were:
– Knowledge is not power! Applied knowledge is power! I think about that often in the areas where I struggle. If you know that in order not to live paycheck to paycheck, you must not spend all you have and you must live below your means. And still by the middle of the month you are broke and wondering where your money went, then that knowledge you have has not yet empowered you! So it is not power. Apply that to weight-loss! A lot of us who want to lose weight know exactly what to do and what not to do! However, because it’s not the knowing that helps, it’s the applying, the weight stays on!

– We live in two worlds our inner world made up of our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs and the outer world, made up of our circumstances, situations and physical realities. And so our reaction to our outer world is usually based on whatever is happening in our inner world. Ever notice how some people see the good in every situation, regardless of how it actually is? And how some people see bad no matter how good it is? “Oh finally some sun”, “it’s too hot and causes cancer”, “some rain?” “Now we are stuck indoors!” They refuse to be pleased.

– The danger with allowing the outer world determine your inner world is that you lose total control! Your life becomes a roller coaster and someone or something else determines how you feel! I personally think that is an enormous amount of power to give out! The upside though, is you have total control of your inner world (your thoughts, feelings, belief and attitude) and best of all, your inner world controls your outer world.

– The question then is, what are you thinking? What you think about, you bring about! Robin Banks gave a very good analogy here, he said, your mind is like a fertile garden, it makes no difference to the soil what seeds you plant, it will work with whatever you give it! It’s the exact same thing with your mind, whatever you put in it, will come out of it. If you think “I am unlucky” you will most probably be unlucky and if you think you are lucky, you would most probably be so. To put it in context, the person who feels unlucky has his car stolen. He remembers what it cost him to buy it, his unpaid loan on it, the inconvenience it is and how because he is unlucky, it may never be found. He thinks “life is a bitch!” The guy who thinks he is lucky also has his car stolen, he also remembers what it cost him, his unpaid loan on it, the inconvenience of not having a car anymore but he also thinks, “it’s a good thing it wasn’t stolen at gun point, when they could either have shot me, or kidnapped me”, because he thinks he is lucky, he will be optimistic that it would be found. Whether or not it eventually is recovered in both cases, one leaves the situation grateful and hopeful, the other leaves it feeling like once again, life has let him down.

– The kernel of that is that is: LIFE IS THE WAY IT IS, BECAUSE OF YOU!
You are either consciously creating your life or living without intention by reacting to the world around you! I mean look at it this way, no one tells you what to think! No one tells you, wake up excited today. Or be sad today. And even if they did, they cannot truly control your thoughts. Remember the story of the little boy whose mum asked him to sit and he refused? Then she said she’ll spank him so he sat? He frowned for a bit and then started smiling and she said “why are you smiling” and he said “I may be sitting on the outside, but I am standing on the inside”.

This also reminds me of the story of Louis Zamperini, the Olympian who became a World War Two prisoner of war and who was adrift on a raft in the middle of the pacific for 47 days with almost no food and no water except for when it rained! He was on the raft with two of his friends and one of them McNamara died after 30 days, here is an excerpt from “Unbroken”, the biography of Zamperini; “though all three men faced the same hardship, their differing perceptions of it appeared to be shaping their fates”. McNamara thought he would die and did, Zamperini was convinced he would survive and in spite of being a prisoner of war until 1945 when the war ended (in the worst Japanese prisons ever), he is still alive today. I recommend that you read “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand but more importantly, I’ll like you to understand that you can determine your outcome. You can determine whether life happens to you or you happen to life!

So takeaways? Change your self-talk. Feed your mind with what is good and tell them to yourself! Self talk is your “I think” and that leads to “I do”- your behavior! And both of them merged create “I am”- your self-image! And with your self-image you create your world. So I ask today, what world are you creating? Are you speaking and noticing what you don’t like? If that’s what you are doing, then you’ll only have more of what you don’t like! But imagine if you notice every blessing, every thing you like! The good that’s happening around you, guess what you will then be “seeing” in your life…

Has this helped you in any way? Leave me feedback and by the way, “don’t forget to be awesome!”


4 replies to “Robin Banks- Create Your World: Notes from the Success Summit South Africa 2013

  1. Hi! This was great. Made me think of myself and my fears; how much I put myself in a box by being pessimistic.
    But you’ve helped me by the words of Robin Banks(such a funny name) through your blog.
    Thank you.

    1. You are so very welcome! Please create the future you want through your words and thoughts! Don’t speak what you see on the outside. Thanks for visiting my blog! Enjoy your evening!

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