Without A Vision! Which Nigeria Do You See?

Third Mainland Bridge, Lagos...
Third Mainland Bridge, Lagos…

Without a vision- a plan, a destination, a picture of what the future should look like- the people perish! This is what’s on my mind as I think about Nigeria today!

As I compare the 2 deaths in the Boston marathon with the 185 deaths that took place in Baga, Borno State this weekend. I see how the American lives mattered, how the news covered it, how the President stood up and said the perpetrators will be caught and they will be brought to justice and how all the forces proved his words to be true! In contrast, I see that 185 human beings were killed o! And it is not news worthy, there is no response- sorry, I misrepresent, there is! Mr. President has ordered an investigation into the killings, a committee will be formed, members of the committee will reject the appointments because they would not be consulted before they are publicly appointed. They will call news conferences to turn it down, slowly, slowly, the 185 people will  be forgotten amidst the ensuing brouhaha, because a few weeks down the line, there’d be more mayhem and the cycle will start again!

As a well-meaning Nigerian, as someone who sees what is great about this nation, as someone whose heart yearns that we fulfill purpose, I am now wondering, WHY DO WE PERISH SO?! What is the vision for this nation? Do we see a tomorrow? Do YOU see a tomorrow? We who sit apathetic, because it hasn’t touched us yet- do we see a tomorrow? What will we tell our kids? What is the vision, because, its lack of it that’s making us perish! So that I won’t have complained and not said what to do, how about we all write to our Representatives at the House of Representatives – let’s call it “Casting the Vision” or whatever you chose, let’s tell them what we want for our nation, let’s urge them, let’s call them to action! If they don’t have a vision, let’s give them (I know you probably don’t know who even represents you at the House of Reps)! Write to your senators, write to the President. Let them receive an avalanche of information that “Nigerians want Nigeria back”! We want to move in our land unashamed and unafraid! Let us have a dream! That one day, Nigeria will not be tribalistic and we will not be judged or liable to death because of where we are from! Let us dream that religion will not be what divides but what joins! After all from all our ‘religiousity‘ we must by now realize that it is the content of our characters that matter! Does not our Constitution guarantee us all the unalienable rights to life, to property (doesn’t poverty deprive many of this right?), to peaceable assembly? Let us sell them the dream that the Constitution will “come to pass”! Let us dream, that our passport will be great and respected- we will not bring it out slowly! That you will not have to defend yourself and your integrity just because of where you are from! Let us dream of great education, of children who live beyond 5, of mothers who can go to birth without the fear of dying being so real! Of a country where 75% of people do not know if or where their next meal will come from! People! Let us have a dream, a vision that transcends us! Let us share this dream! Let’s take our nations by the horn and direct her! Nigeria is our own, our inheritance, our birthright, God gave it to us in trust! What are we going to do with her?

Without a vision Nigeria will perish! Will we sit idly by? Will YOU? Is our nation not groaning? Will we not hear her?


4 replies to “Without A Vision! Which Nigeria Do You See?

  1. This is a tremendous, impassioned rallying cry! GEJ is a product of his environment. Change will begin when wisdom, knowledge & understanding are exalted above silver & gold, when long-termism is chosen over short-termism, when building people is exalted above building structures, when priorities are re-ordered and glitz & glam abandoned for realism. Nigerians copy ideas and concepts that were developed abroad through extensive research and investment, sometimes over generations, and then market them purely for financial gain. All the while talking and acting like they’ve done something unique. All the while, the underlying mindset remains static. There is a scope for these things but they are not the building blocks of a society. Rogues are celebrities wherever they go just because they’ve got money. Mindless showbiz has been elevated to prime-time. Money and materialism are worshipped while keeping up Godly appearances. It is every man for himself while appearing to care for the common good. The levels of hypocrisy and double-standards are staggering! People who know better play the game, all that matters is getting rich. There are children in primary school who have already imbibed this message. And we are not talking about wealth through genuine innovation and enterprise. Moderation is equated to mediocrity. Honesty and integrity are relative. In addition to its own, Nigeria has adopted most of the vices of the developed affluent nations, like America, but very few of the virtues that those nations were built upon!

  2. Mr. T! I couldn’t have said it better! And I’m wondering when the scales will fall off our eyes! When will enough be enough! When will we say things have to change starting with us? My heart aches. This glitz and glamour, there is a principle in law that “you cannot put something on nothing and expect it to stand”. The nation is crashing around us! But it has not crashed yet! YET! It’s not yet too late, but with a little sleep! A little slumber! A little apathy! A little more “it’s none of my own business”- it will soon do so! Let’s act now! Demand accountability and be accountable! Speak up, let our leaders know that we are watching and are aware! Let all of us say we want Nigeria back! This cannot be the best we are capable of being!

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