Make a Big Bold Move! An evening with Dr. Sam Chand

Dr. Sam Chand (photo courtesy
Dr. Sam Chand
(photo courtesy

I had the most amazing evening yesterday! I spent it with Dr. Sam Chand (well, me and 500 other people did, but I could well have been sitting in a face to face coaching session with him). Just so you get a feel for what you are in for, I will give you a brief introduction of Dr. Chand. Dr. Sam Chand is called the “Dream Releaser” whose life’s vision is to help others succeed. He consults, mentors and coaches some of the world’s greatest business leaders and pastors. He is a leader’s leader who started out as the janitor and cook at Beulah Heights University to enable him go through school and years later, became the President of that same University! Talk about flipping a story on its head!

Anyhow, I listened to him speak at This Present House last night and I thought, this is too good not to share with the people who are kind enough, interested enough, propelled enough to read my blog! LOL! You know not everyone reads my blog, you have to be a certain kind of person, you have to be someone who wants to live inspired, live strong, create change and be the architect of your destiny! If so this post is for you!

Dr. Chand did not set out to tell you what your big, bold move should be! That has to be specific to you, what he wanted to do, was to lay the tracks, for you to charge full steam ahead and not get derailed! To propel you into unleashing all of the genius that is in you! So he opened up the discussion by talking about seasons:

Life happens in seasons, and every move you make, how expansive the move will be, depends on what season you are in. In your Starting Season, most events are providential- you don’t get to choose the family you are born into, your looks, your race, the country you are born in… All these happen to you and at this stage of life; you relax, enjoy and do the best with who you are. You usually move from your Starting Season into your Searching Season– here you are completing your education, developing your competences, honing your skills, creating a life, actively contemplating ‘what am I here for?’. Your search (if you ask the right questions, are authentic to you and apply the right strategies) then leads to your Success Season, and here he said something I think is really important to hear- “anything you can buy is not success”. Success is peace of mind, good health, a happy home, that you have margin, you are being productive and working in your sweet spot, this can lead to abundance and you will have excess to buy “things” but your success is not in the things! You use things and love people, not love things and use people! In success, you are merging your gifts, your competences and your roles! From your season of success (if you don’t stop there! Which happens a lot) you move to your Significant Season– here, you are at convergence, congruence, you start to think about legacy, destiny, the generational impact of what you are doing, what you leave behind!

The key to the seasons is that seasons will come and go whether we like it or not! You just be exceptional in your seasons! Don’t live in your future without enjoying your present! Be successful in your current season so you can be absolutely successful in the next. Don’t be consumed with starting at the top (remember my desire for a Birkin and my reasons why not? Read that here). He said “the only time you start at the top is when you are digging a hole!” and isn’t that true? Between your search, your success and your significance, there is a process.

In engaging the process that produces your next bold move and thereby changes your dimensions, you go through 5 stages. Pre-contemplation– which is the stage where something inside you starts to say “there has to be more to life”, there is a stirring, but you don’t know what the stirring is trying to produce. You are also wondering here, why your comfort zone is not so comfortable anymore. You move from pre-contemplation to Contemplation– where you start to think seriously about it. You start to take steps, start to consider the costs, decide what adjustments you have to make, to make it happen. You contemplate, weigh, ask yourself “to be or not to be” and then you take Action! At Action, you go for it! You feel the fear, understand all the reasons why not but still you take a leap propelled by the reasons why! He shared this beautiful quote by Mary Ann Radmacher “the jump is so frightening between where I am and where I want to be. Because of all I may become, I will close my eyes and leap”. (Doesn’t that just fill your heart with elation? It resonates deeply with me- my fear of whether I’ll succeed or not is much much less than my fear of remaining the same- of not trying, because I keep asking myself- what if I do succeed? What if I don’t fail? And I’ll never know until I try, will I?)

My attempt at making a poster using Phoster. What do you think? Continuous and never-ending improvement (kaizen) is my aim.
My attempt at making a poster using Phoster. What do you think? Continuous and never-ending improvement (kaizen) is my aim.

You won’t get into your next bold move by taking hesitant and tentative steps! It isn’t called a “leap of faith” for nothing! So what is my next bold move, you are asking? Your next bold move starts with your dream, with articulating it, writing it down, planning for it. Sharing it with people who will nurture it –not kill it or tell you to be safe or say you are not enough! Be determined to see it come to pass. Find the right role models, mentors, coaches or developers to help you achieve that dream- you may not have role models around you but you can read books on them, read their autobiographies and biographies. Take the business person in your neighborhood that you want to emulate, out for lunch- on you- and just ask them questions. Success leaves clues, find them! (Check out the interview section of my blog, it was set up to share lessons learned by successful people). A mentor, success coach or someone who speaks life to your dreams is committed to you becoming the very best you, is committed to the process of your becoming and is there to help you fulfill your own purpose- not theirs. And as you engage in this process, and start to “become” through consistent action, you start to create momentum. Momentum is the launching pad to success and significance.

I hope this has helped you! I know you have heard some of these things before, but repetition is the tool of mastery- you don’t become a body builder by hearing what to do, knowing it and doing it once, you do it over and over again, repeat the processes every day and as you repeat, you become… Same thing for success, leadership, excellence, you hear, you act, you hear again, act again, re-adjust your strategy, toil… then one day, someone will say you were an overnight success, but you will know that your “overnight’ was years of discipline, believing in yourself, determination and perseverance in the making. Ciao!

6 replies to “Make a Big Bold Move! An evening with Dr. Sam Chand

  1. Haj……..was greatly encouraged by this piece. We must constantly strive to be better persons in all facets of our lives. In the course of this striving, moves will surely be made. Big ups to your blog.

  2. Haj dearie, thank you so much for sharing this! I was at TPH and listened to Dr Chand myself, but honestly, you’ve managed to capture his words so accurately that anyone reading this could have easily been listening to Dr Chand himself! Well done! You are clearly an avid listener! I am in my contemplation stage and after listening to Dr Chand and reading your blog, I am ready to take that leap! (God help me!) Lol….I must say this is my first time of reading your blog and I am hooked! All the best my dear…..

    1. Awwww! My dear Olatilewa, thank you so much! I am so glad to be able to help, especially as you bless me daily with your “word for today”! Please take the leap, you have so much beauty, so much good in you. You owe it to God and the world! Thank you for stopping by my blog! Big hug!

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