Of girls and our “toys”!

Hermes Scarves
Hermes Scarves

I just love every aspect of being a woman, the way we are created, the way we can be adorned, from make-up to jewelry, to clothes. The way our influence is calming (if we exercise it right), to the way we nurture creation and find support in one another… To how different and special we all are. So today, I just want to enjoy that, to bask in “womanhood”, to celebrate some of the things I love and hear your thoughts too. Warning: they are all unabashedly woman things! Enjoy:

The transformational power of make-up: I actually call it the miracle of make-up. I mean we are still beautiful without it, but catch me on a tired, “oh what’s wrong with you kind of day”, and then give me a few minutes to get my make up done, and the tiredness becomes invisible! Like a miracle just took place. I think the photo below says it well-

Missdrini photo
Just look at that. Same pretty girl, but see how much more of her, make up brings out- the cheek bones, her eyes, beautiful lips… Very subtly but effectively done! Enough said, make-up is a miracle! Photo courtesy Missdrini on Instagram


Wow! Look at that array of make-up! You must look beautiful after you are done here, whether you like it or not. LOL!

Nail polish! Make-up for our delicate hands!
Nail polish! Make-up for our delicate hands!

Nail Colour! I like how this just ties in your look- it can either say playful, sophisticated, chic or whatever you want it to. I love this photo posted by my dear friend Ada Ihenachor on her Facebook page- it’s just one of those girly things that show how we grow up physically but in our hearts we are still just girls, enjoying being pretty and loving pretty things.

Jewelry: my most recent obsessions have been the Alhambra by Van Cleef & Arpels and Pandora bracelets. Even the annoying jingles of many bangles is sweet to my ears.

An Alhambra Bracelet!
Pandora Bracelets  www.pandora.net
Pandora Bracelets

The Pandora Bracelet: comes in leather, silver bracelets or bangles. What I love the most about Pandora is how you can build your own pieces to tell your own story. 


I love my Pandora bracelet- It allows me wear my heart on my sleeve. I have a crown because I am God’s child and thus royalty. I have the green murano glass bead because green is my favourite colour and it makes me happy, I have the Eiffel Tower because I am in love with Paris. And the red. white and blue murano bead because its pretty. I intend to keep building my bracelet slowly- since I love travel, I am hoping to add the lighthouse, camera and ship charms soon! I’ll let you know how that goes.

Handbags: I couldn’t wait to get to this one! I love handbags! I think they are the next ultimate accessory (after shoes, see my post on my long standing love affair with shoes at http://wp.me/p3hdG5-92 ). Here are some of my absolute favorites.


The Birkin by Hermes! This particular colour combination is my dream! Etoupe with gold hardware. I think they just work so well. The blue roi with palladium hardware would be great as well. (Photo courtesy Featherfactor.com)


Hermes bags getting made. Takes 2 days on average to make one Hermes bag as they are all hand-made by very skilled, specially trained artisans paying great attention to detail. I would really like to take a tour of one of these design houses and see how bags are made. Perhaps even do an internship in one of them. Photos of Hermes factory courtesy www.parkandcube.com/hermes-atelier-sacs/.

For me for now, bags are not about their price but mainly about quality (in terms of cost per wear, an initially more expensive bag may turn out to be cheaper than a string of "inexpensive" bags that fall apart quickly) and the way they look. This lovely cross body cost me 11GBP, one of the handles came off 3 days later but my "shoe-maker" in Nigeria has fixed it and I'm getting great wear from it.

For me, bags are not about their price but mainly about quality (in terms of cost per wear, an initially more expensive bag may turn out to be cheaper than a string of “inexpensive” bags that fall apart quickly) and the way they look. This lovely cross body cost me £11 so I wasn’t surprised when one of the handles came off 3 days later but my “shoe-maker” in Nigeria has fixed it and I’m enjoying it for what it is.

Some fun facts about famous design houses: Did you know that though Hermes was established in 1837, 17 years before Louis Vuitton, Louis Vuitton was the first house to brand it’s handbags in 1854. For 6 consecutive years between 2006 and 2012, Louis Vuitton was named the most valuable luxury brand in the world with a net worth of $25.9 Billion in 2012 (good for them, I am not too keen on how the LV brand seems to wear you with their heavily logoed and mongrammed bags. I prefer the more subtle ones, like the LV Alma which do not have obvious logos, but I still don’t like how the bags which are not heavily branded are much more expensive. I figure if I pay so much for a great bag, you should see me and how it compliments me, rather than see the bag. Do you get? Its my pet peeve, I guess). Did you also know that, Karl Lagerfeld created the double F logo for Fendi, is behind a lot of the designs at Chanel and also the house of Chloe? And that Coco Chanel was named Gabrielle Chanel, Coco was her nickname! Lol! If you didn’t know any of these, you are welcome!

Fast cars and maybe the guys who ride them: Coy smile! Hubby and I saw this Bugatti Veron in front of the Harrods store! People kept stopping to take photos of it, I must admit I didn’t recognise it and my interest was only aroused by how interested everyone around seemed to be. I googled it later and found that it costs $25 Million! Wow! The yearly budget of a small third world country! Anyhow, when hubby complains about all the girly things I like, I will just say “men like Bugatti’s”, I’m not sure there are price points that compare with that!


Except of course, Diamonds! A girl’s best friends:

Beautiful Harry Winston from www.harrods.com
Beautiful Harry Winston from http://www.harrods.com

Ciao!  Just thought to have some fun! Women play so many roles! Carry so many burdens; sister, wife, daughter, super-woman, vixen, hormonal, insanely happy, intercessors… its nice to have some fun and let our hair down sometimes and I hope this post helped you go on a mental vacation!

If you are a woman reading this, I want you to know that you are awesome and beautiful and a solution to the world’s problems. God said it was not good for a man to be alone so He created YOU! You are the zenith of creation, not made from raw materials but built from finished work. On your own you are awesome and if a man is lucky enough to find you, you bless him with your awesomeness and you both grow together! Enjoy being you. Enjoy nurturing, enjoy loving and be un-apologetically woman! Ciao! Be awesome this weekend!

4 replies to “Of girls and our “toys”!

  1. As a lover of all things girly and pretty; this spoke to my heart 😍.
    I especially loved the affirmations in the last paragraph – we are designer originals- a refinement of an already refined creation 😃.
    Thanks for the fun post.

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