Deep Sea Diving in Cancun!


I am so so excited about this blog post- I can hardly contain it! It’s one of those things that make life truly beautiful for me- the diversity of people and the synergy that can be gained when we look beyond our selves and create beauty that is greater than the sum of our parts! Enter my dear friend Leah! Leah is a lovely lady, who does the most exciting things- in my view- some of which I never plan to do- like deep sea diving (I don’t even swim yet! Someday when I get the courage, I shall learn to).

Sit back and relax, I am doing this interview style- so enjoy Leah’s company with me!

Leah- doing her thing!

Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Leah Kilpatrick. I am all about family! I love my husband, my son and my family. I  also love to travel and experience new things. I like the thrill of adventure. I have a real passion for scuba diving and traveling to seaside/beach destinations.

Leah and hubby!

Why did you chose Cancun? I research places to travel based on what kind of holiday I am looking to have, and  in 2013, Cancun received the 2013 travelers’ choice award for destinations on Trip Advisor, so I wanted to experience that. Also, I prefer diving in the warmer water found in the region near the Caribbean. The lovely Villa del Palma resort also made the decision an exciting one.

The beautiful Villa del Palma hotel, Cancun!
The beautiful Villa del Palma hotel, Cancun!
Villa del Palmar at night! Breath-taking!
Villa del Palma at night! Breath-taking!
Hotel grounds
Hotel grounds

What was your favorite part of the vacation? I loved diving at a nearby shipwreck because the fish were much larger at this site.  From the dive master’s explanation, I assume this was the case due to the depth of the dive (~80 feet) and the fact that the ship was sunk in 2000.  The President of Mexico at that time was an avid diver and he had about 4 ships sunk near Cancun and Cozumel for scuba diving.  It was really a sight to see because the ship had been there long enough to grow barnacles and the fish are accustomed to using it as a safe haven.  I was happy not to see any sharks!

Keeping our heads above water- literarily!

PICT0357 Tell us a little about cavern diving! I assume that must be really scary!

It was actually my next favorite diving excursion, it was in Playa del Carmen where we had the opportunity to cavern dive.  I’m PADI certified for open water and normally we are not permitted to cave dive but Mexico has a program that allows open water divers to cavern dive. Apparently, as long as the dive is near the mouth of the cave, it is considered cavern diving and permitted by Mexico.  The cavern diving was done in a cenote which is an underwater ground river and it was my first time to dive in freshwater.  It was a cold wonderful experience and the visibility was amazing.

PICT0343 PICT0197 PICT0187


Any interesting thoughts you’d like to leave us with?

I think I’ve learned that I prefer vacation rentals over hotels.  Vacation rentals provide more space, kitchen, privacy and we often travel with our son so this arrangement works better for us.  It is also more cost-effective and I am all about saving money if I can.  I use trip advisor a lot to research what other travelers have posted about the destination, vacation rental and activities at the location.  Also, it helps to look at the photos travelers post because you never know how old photos on the hotel/rental website are.

Our Dive Master- he was called Frog (I wonder what the story behind that is). He stopped to “talk” to the fish!


Any thoughts you’d like to leave us with?

I really appreciate the relationship with my husband and how he challenges me to try new things.  At first, I was really nervous to cavern dive.  The whole idea of diving in an area where I could not surface had my heart pounding.  However, after each new adventure, I feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment and new level of confidence that translates to other areas of my life.


Wow! I hope you enjoyed spending time with Leah as much as I did. My goal is to visit every country of the world at least once, but before I go, I intend to visit through the eyes of my friend’s and family as well as yours! If you’d like to have your travel post featured on my blog, please contact me at It’s good to share and I would love to share your experience with the world! Ciao, don’t forget to be awesome this week! Thanks for stopping by my blog, it means a lot to me.


  1. Travelling is a very great part of education. What you learning by physically seeing the locations and things can be retained longer in the brain than reading from textbooks. Deep sea diving seems to be a very interesting activity which I might want to try some day. I enjoyed my time with Leah on your blog. Cheers

    • Aww! Thank you Mr. Akpabio! Yes it absolutely is! Learning cultures, expanding your horizons, doing something nice and new- it’s all exciting! Wow! It’s very adventurous of you to want to do go deep sea diving, i find the thought scary even though I would like to go paragliding and then sky-diving someday. Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate it.

    • I am glad! You really love travelling as well- I like how adventurous you are and how you just get familiar with environments that are new! You should hook up with Leah- she is an awesome person and will gladly share ideas with you! Thanks for stopping by!

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