Chasing Dreams! (Again!)

Photo of Usain Bolt courtesy

I lie awake again, propelled by my dreams! So much to do and 24 hours seems hardly sufficient! Purpose propels me, I’m filled with excitement at the tomorrow I see, yet filled with frustration at the gap between what I see and where I actually am. But I’m also energized at the thought that I am the bridge- the bridge between my tomorrow and my today- and everyday I have to make an intentional choice to make my vision real. Anyhow, as I lay in bed and think about it, a poem I wrote a few years ago seems to say it all, it’s as true today as when I first wrote it and I wanted to share it with you:


I see a picture in my head
and reach to grasp it
I see a picture in my head
and think why not?
Why leave it on a post card
or frame it on the wall
When I can be there
Be it!

Something in me screams
At the thought of an ordinary life
Something in me
wants to be amongst the 5 per cent
that is known world over, doing something great
Now, that is a statistic I can take
Something in me screams
There has to be more!
And that something propels my feet

Chasing the dream
Till I lay hold of it
Chasing my vision
Because it chases me
Does not let me sit still, does not let me settle
Constantly asking ‘might this be it?’
Is this it?!
Are all the stories told
Is all the change made
Am I at my best?
I give a shaky response-no

So I hear a whisper in my heart
“on your marks”
and off I go
Chasing my dreams again!

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