Creatives, Create!

Hey there, was looking for a nice way to explain why my blog posts have not been as regular as they usually are and I thought, “Creatives, create” said it well. See, I’ve been “creating” as usual, but instead of blog posts, I’ve been creating “poetry through gifts” with Tes Amour, my luxury gifts company. I strongly believe in creating multiple streams of income and giving expression to every God-given gift that’s inside of you, and I find so much joy in putting things together, to create something beautiful, so that’s what I do. Let me share some of my work with you:

Our boxes usually contain items from the Harrods store- Harrods teas, jams, biscuits, Tes Amour (home-grown pure soy) Candles, iPod docking stations, board games for the family, a nice bottle of wine, teapots, amongst various other personalized items.





Her company logo is pink and black, we did all her boxes and bags in pink and black, because we are conscious of brand consistency. Except asked otherwise, all our gift boxes are colour coded to our client’s business.



The teapot duos that come in our gift boxes.
My living room/ workshop! Is usually turned inside out, upside-down through out the month of December. Arggghh


Our hand-poured pure soy scented candles, themed to celebrate the scents Africa, with Gimbiya representing Northern Nigeria- she is made of sandalwood and vanilla.  Oleku, representing Southern Nigeria (pineapple and hot ginger) and Ada (the scent of fresh fruit slices) for Eastern Nigeria
Our hand-poured pure soy scented candle, themed to celebrate the scents Africa, with Gimbiya representing Northern Nigeria– she is made of sandalwood and vanilla. Oleku, representing Southern Nigeria (pineapple and hot ginger) and Ada (the scent of fresh fruit slices) for Eastern Nigeria



I am quite passionate about the need to diversify your income and create more than one stream whether active or passive. Being from and living in Nigeria where there are no free hospitals, no free schools, no free food… Where there’s so much poverty, I think it’s actually irresponsible not to do more. Not everyone is cut out for a side-gig but we can all plan our incomes, save a portion of it monthly until it becomes enough to buy a piece of land somewhere- so that, that becomes an asset. Once that is done, and we continue saving, we start to build it- one brick on the other. A modest place. If you build and decide to live in it initially, you still keep saving an equivalent of what rent you’d have been paying, which in the long run can be put to another plot of land, another building , which you then rent out (a true asset now) and start to use that income -which is now passive to create more income.

Or with a business on the side like mine- we know how difficult it is to access loans for start-ups in Nigeria, in my case, I don’t even believe in or like debt. I like freedom and don’t want to be tied down, I also don’t want to put pressure on my dreams- to allow it grow organically, so how did I start? With £80 (about N20,000)- I made my first purchase… and every month, I set aside a certain portion of my income to acquiring stock for my company and that’s how the first year came and went. Now we are 4 years old and the business pays for itself. If we were waiting for financing, we’d probably still be waiting. (Also, I believe in absolute integrity and that people generally want to trust you until you let them down, so if you chose to grow another business alongside paid employment, I would say make sure it does not compete with your company’s line of work, make sure you have disclosed this fully to your employers and do not engage in activity, that may look like an ethics violation.  I find that with transparency, even your employers encourage your growth, companies I have worked for usually patronize me… So that’s food for thought.)

But my point is, don’t squander all you earn, and have a plan- so that your money can work for you. I always say, where you start from does not determine where you’ll end. That you started out without money does not mean you would end up without it but you need a plan- you need honest self-evaluation to know what you are good at and identify where you need to improve. You need to decide how you want to live- I knew early that I love travel and I wanted to be able to up and leave when my heart yearned for it. I also knew that on my lawyers salary at the time, that was impossible. So I started to think- how can I create the life I am looking for, what level of income do I need? And then I came up with a strategy- which included things like, ‘be excellent at my job, so that if a solution is ever needed, I’ll be the go-to person’, this also means when there is a chance at promotions, you will be first in line! It included ‘use my other gifts’- hence Tes Amour. It included ‘give outstanding value’. It also included ‘investing in self’- I schedule a training in either soft skills or skills relating to my work at least once a year- I pay for it myself and try to do it in a country I’ve never been to so that I combine my need to travel with my need to improve.

I am afraid I’ve veered off tangent, I just feel a need to encourage someone to be and do more. You were made with abundant capacity, tap into that abundance. As you create more, you serve humanity more and you get rewarded for it. Plus if you hate poverty and the helplessness it foists on you as much as I do, then it helps you rise out of it so that you can help others too- Bill Gates will not be able to do what he is doing to end the scourge of malaria if he were poor and malaria ridden!

I am just saying, Creatives, create! Now go create! Ciao! Merry Christmas in advance!


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