Secrets to Outstanding Living (2)

Lessons Learnt from the “Ignite the Champion Within” Conference (2)

I loved the attention to detail that was evident at Ignite the Champion Within. What I loved best was the saxophonist who serenaded us at every interval. It was that over and above addition that made the entire conference so memorable!

Hello there! I hope you enjoyed my first post on lessons learnt at the Ignite the Champion Within Conference held on the 21st and 22nd of this month. The feedback has been absolutely amazing! Read it here if you haven’t read it already.

Anyhow, the lessons learnt were so important, so valuable and empowering that I wanted to share more with you- what I shared with you last week was just the tip of the iceberg. I believe that if we all KNOW better and DO better, then the world BECOMES richer and better, just because we are in it. Here are another  5 lessons learnt from Ignite the Champion Within:

Gift cards from Udo Okonjo- challenging us further on our journey to excellence.
Gift cards from Udo Okonjo- challenging us further on our journey to excellence.

1. Know in hard terms exactly what you want in life. This was a pretty interesting exercise! Bob picked random people and asked “5 years from now, where will you be?” There was usually a long hesitation before an attempt at an answer. And he said, imagine that you woke Richard Branson in the middle of the night and asked that question. Do you think there’d be any hesitation? Ask Donald Trump? One of the secrets to being outstanding is clarity! Once you say, “I want to buy a white Range Rover En Vogue” all of a sudden, you start to see white Range Rover En Vogue’s every where. Why is that? Because of clarity, you have given your mind something to focus on. Now use that for your business, your family, every area of your life that matters and see what just being clear can bring you.

Ignited Quote– “if you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there?”

2. You create your own luck–  you don’t have to be born lucky, you can make yourself lucky. How? By behaving as lucky people do. Studies have shown that people who are considered have lucky have a few traits in common;
(i). They expect to be lucky. (ii) They generally know more people- they are open to new people and show an interest in others, which in turn makes them more interesting. (iii) They have great perspective. When something that would otherwise be bad happens to them, they believe there is a lesson to be learnt and they find the good in it. (iv) Lucky people spend time praying, meditating or engaged in other form of self reflection every day!  Just the quietness, (Whoop! That’s 5 points in one).

Don't they look lucky? Joyful celebration! Talk to a new person today.  Show interest in another person and start increasing your network.
Don’t they look lucky? Joyful celebration! Talk to a new person today. Show interest in another person and start increasing your network.

3. D.A.N.C.E- We danced a lot at the Conference- part of retaining our vitality and learning in peak state! However, Bob shared another D.A.N.C.E. with us. It is:

D- Desired outcomes (start by knowing what you want)

A- Actions -what actions do I need to take daily to ensure I get to the desired outcome? So if the goal is to make N5Million by the end of 2014, how much of the product do you need to sell everyday? Can you accelerate that number by leveraging on an already established outlet? Getting a concession stand in a big shop? To get a concession stand, what do you need to do? Visit the store? Ask to speak with the manager? When will you do this? What if he says no? Do you know someone who might know someone who knows the owner? Do you want to start from there? When will you contact the person and on and on- break your desired outcome into actions that’ll lead you to it.

N- Notice- keep checking the outcome of your actions. Are they leading you closer to your goal or further away from it? In the example above, if talking to the manager is not working, you notice, and….

C- Change- you look for another way- call someone who can call the owner. Another thing about asking people for things, is to also show them how it benefits them. So maybe you can say, ‘I advertise on such and such media. I already have this level of clientele. Now they will have to come to your store to get the product (because that will now be our physical address), my concession stand can be placed in such a way that people who come in just for my product, now get to see yours as well, so your market share increases just because I am here’. Another key point is to ask someone who can do something about it. Not just anyone.

E- Excellence– model yourself on excellence. Get a mentor, read about people who are doing what you want to do.  If you want to start a business and there are business people in your neighourhood, see if you can take one of them to lunch (you pay). So that you are not in their space where they get distracted, and then ask them questions about the journey- what do you wish you had known…

4. I loved this Ignited Quote- “human beings buy things to solve problems.” So when you are selling to people, rather than start with listing all of the things that your product can do, start by showing an understanding of the client’s business and the “problems” that come with it. THEN (not before), you offer the solution to the problem in  your product. A good way to then close the sale to get the client to say yes a couple of times. So a dentist who was also at the conference tried this out by asking a “client”- “Do you like your smile?” “yes”  “Is there anything you would like to change about it?” “Yes, my teeth are not very white”, “Oh that’s easy, I have a painless and quick solution, would you be interested in trying that out?” Guess what the answer is likely to be at that time? “Yes”, of course. But when you start by saying oh we have tooth whitening, it does this and that….(about the product), guess what the customer is likely to say first “how much?“- because you have not given them a reason to want it, it’s now a question of price not value, at which point they start haggling.

5. Another Ignited QuoteFinancial freedom is the place where you have more income than you have expenses. WOW!  But how will you get there? In broad terms, do you already know how much you “need” every year? To maintain your current lifestyle? How much will you need if you wanted to up that life style? Itemise it and put a cost to it. Then start to think, what can I do to get to that point of freedom? Diversifying your sources of income is a great place to start- so you are a full-time employee, could you add-on multilevel marketing? Can you write? Maybe write an article for a local newspaper once a week and get paid? When you write about something long enough, you gain a certain level of expertise. You can then, speak about them. Train others?- Can you see how in that scenario, we have created 5 streams of income? This is useful regardless of your industry, you can create multiple streams or levels of income from one general product, service or brand- it’s called an integrated suite- think Apple- you start with an iPod, you love it, you buy an iPad even if it costs more, you get an iPhone (costs more) and then a Mac (much more). In this case, it is brand YOU, what can you do, with what you have to create multiple sources of income- passive and active, so that you move closer and closer to financial freedom.

WOW! I can’t believe I have given out all of this content for free. I paid a tidy sum of money to attend the conference. But I think you are worth it! You have unlimited treasure in you and the power is in your hands to work the gifts that are in you. If you are like me, there are times when you’ve known you were made for more, or can do a lot more but you just don’t know how or where to start. It is that person that these posts are for. Start here- use the nuggets shared in parts 1 & 2. Become outstanding and don’t wait for perfection- done is better than perfect! Start today and start one step at a time!

Even Bob is asking "you hear?"
Even Bob is asking “you hear?”

On that note, don’t forget to be awesome this week- I am loving this quote by Maya Angelou- “my mission in life is not to survive, it is to thrive; and to do so with passion, compassion, humour and style!” I love that! Just add excellence to that mix and you have my definition of awesome! Ciao!

Relevant links Chief Igniter Wellness Expert – Financial Expert Presentations/Sales/Negotiations – one of the photographers who covered the event and whose pictures I have used in this post.

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  1. Hmmmm….there’s a rumbling in me already. Thanks for sharing and do share details on the next ignite event if possible.

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