Intentional! -Power words Series (3)

Inspired by Matthew McConaughney’s Oscar Acceptance Speech

75 year old Ernestine Shepherd! Would you say she got to look like this at 75 by chance?
75-year-old Ernestine Shepherd! Would you say she got to look like this at 75 by chance?

In the past couple days, I have been pre-occupied with living intentionally. It was triggered by this detox I was meant to be on in the last week, where I was to avoid milk and sugar for the week. I recall that every day in that week, I got into the office, settled in and after a bit, I went to the kitchenette and made a cup of tea- with milk and sugar. Usually, I’ll get back to my desk and then think “wait a minute, I’m not meant to have milk and sugar for the week” then I’ll go and pour it away. But in spite of this, I probably still did this 4 days out of 5 working days. And you know the key take away I got from this experience? That you cannot create change and achieve great results without being intentional! You cannot create positive change by mistake or by doing what you usually do!

This line of thought was further strengthened by Matthew McConaughey’s Oscar acceptance speech, where he said he always looked to have 3 things in his life- one of them is something to look up to, the other is something to look forward to and another is someone to chase. In describing someone to chase, he said his hero, is always him in 10 years, because it always gives him someone to chase. It gives him a goal to work towards…

For me that was powerful and brought back the subject of intentionality! I think, with my actions and thoughts “today”, am I taking steps that’ll make me in 10 years my hero? So I looked at it differently- will the me that’s 10 years away, look back and thank the person I am being today for the life I’d have created for her?

I thought, of her- the Hajara of 2024, will she be happy with my choices today? What will I have done with her marriage? Will she be happily married? Will the heart of her husband safely rest in her? Or will she have broken his trust? Will she like her kids? Will I have raised them well? Do you see what I mean? Whether I will be proud of myself in 10 years, whether my marriage will be good or will still be there in 10 years, depends on actions I take daily! I will not get to 10 years away and create that day then, it will be created by the culmination of actions I am taking between now and then.

I picture the Hajara of 2024 and think- how will she look? Will she be obese? Will I have given her diabetes by not controlling my eating? Will her knees hurt? Or will she be nimble and fit? Do you know that how she’ll look in 10 years starts from today?

I think of her career, I think of her wealth, I think of her businesses and I think will she be prosperous? Or will I procrastinate every decision that’ll make her so? Will I have spent all of her savings? Not invested while I could? What kind of house will she live in? What quality of life will she have? Will she have written her books? Will she have started to grow nostalgic, thinking of all of her dreams in past tense? Or will I have lived most of those dreams?

This is a short blog post. But I must say these thoughts have been so impactful and have made me quite sober. Made me think more! I have found that since I started to think them I have been more intentional; kinder, thinking about the impact of all my actions on my tomorrow. I cannot just go with the flow and expect to arrive at the tomorrow I see! If you leave even a beautifully tended garden to go with the flow and stop tending it, after a while, it’ll be full if weeds, overgrown and it’ll have lost its beauty! All unthinking mindless, repetitive routines will give you just the same results that you already have.

If my tomorrow has to be beautiful, if it has to be happy, if my marriage has to be great and my children, gorgeous and high-performing, then today, I have to pay attention, plan date nights, be loving, raise the kids, be there… Grow at work, save money, invest it wisely- not spending all I have… Keep the counsel of wise people, read great books… Be intentional! Live intentionally! I create the future I want by intentional actions today.

So that’s me, sharing from deep within. Apply this to you. Where can you be more intentional? What actions do you need to take today, what habits do you need to develop now so that your tomorrow will be how you want it to be? How do you create the future you want? It’s not going to happen by chance- it requires that you live intentionally! Live intentionally and be intentionally awesome this week! Go above and beyond, do and be more! Then make that a way of life! Ciao!


Read the parts one and two of the Power Word Series on Congruence and Authenticity and share your thoughts with me.

2 replies to “Intentional! -Power words Series (3)

  1. Hajara, living intentionally is a very great part of our success story. Everything we do need careful thinking, planning and selection of actions. Thoughts are creative and they crystallizes actions which lead to the future we envisage. I am encourage by this posting to live more intentionally from now on. Cheers

    1. Wow! Thank you for that! Great nuggets of wisdom! Yes please, be intentional, your future will thank you, so will the generations you leave behind. Thanks for stopping by.

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