Reset, reset, reset
I’ve pressed the button so many times
The entire system is confused

Reset, reset, reset
“Restore to manufacturers settings?” It asks
I am so confused, don’t remember what the manufacturer’s settings are!

Reset, reset, reset
I really can’t remember
Default mode seems to be anger
Or is it irritation?
No maybe aloofness! Impatience, perhaps?
No bandwidth to even care anymore

Still my hand is on the remote
I keep pressing
Reset, reset, reset
Something is just not right!
I see the question again
“Restore manufacturer’s settings?”
Though covered by that colourful grid of old
Drowned out by the crackle of static,
I vaguely recall manufacturers settings…

Reset, reset, reset
I recall there was love there
There was kindness,
There was joy
There was even forgiveness!
I recall the manufacturer’s settings

I recall the manufacturer’s settings
Even as I hold the remote control
In hands weary and weather-beaten,
Still pressing on as though impatient with the little black tool
Reset, reset, reset
‘To manufacturers settings?” it asks again

I pause to think
A thought, seemingly innocuous flutters through my head
“Look where manufacturer’s settings have gotten you;
Weather-beaten hands, properly lined face
A bent-back,
Used, Abused, Misused, Misunderstood”
Reset, Reset, Reset
I am pressing frantically now

“To manufacture’s settings? It asks
“No, to default”, I promptly hiss
As I click on the little red button…
Choosing the cold familiar
Over the warm and unexplored…
Reset, reset, reset…



If you are a regular on my blog, I know I owe you the 3rd part in my series on Entreleadership. I was down with malaria at the weekend and could not put that post together, I’ll get it ready and out to you by Wednesday.  If you haven’t read those, read part 1 here and part 2 here. Thank you and remember to be awesome this week.

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