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Photo courtesy http://www.theguardian.com


A lot of the time when I write a blog post, I am thinking about self-leadership, how to master yourself on the inside so that circumstances do not dictate how you feel and react, whether or not you will achieve your goals. About self-mastery, equipping yourself by learning, reading, choosing who you associate with/let speak into your life, determining your own perspective (half empty or half full or even just glad to have a glass) and determining what you take out of your experiences. I believe leadership is first internal before it can be external- you cannot give what you don’t have.

Having said that though, I realize that life can throw things at you that are absolutely outside your control, and if you are someone like me that preaches leadership and “mastering your own ship”, that is the real test- when push comes to shove, when no one is looking- can you practice what you preach? I faced this situation recently, I was under the weather for almost 3 weeks. Have you heard of sinus headaches? If you haven’t, I wish you could “un-hear” now. I have suffered migraines in the past but these headaches were special, like pins prickled in my head with every movement, accompany that with a blocked nose caused by the sinus infection and the resultant inability to breathe well, sleep well, fever and general weakness… it was indescribable. 2 weeks in, I began to feel like it would never pass. In that time, at the mercy of doctors and a lot of medication, I started to ask myself, “how do I lead myself out of this?”. All my self talk didn’t seem to be working, my usual impatience with illness and just charging ahead regardless of how I feel wasn’t working as well. After a while, I started to ask a different question, I started to ask myself, “what do I believe about this situation?” “When I have come to the end of myself, where do I get help?” “Why do I fight?” “Why does it all matter?”

Have you ever been in a situation like that? Where you wonder- why pursue that dream? Why is this marriage worth it? Why make it work? When muscles you didn’t know you had are hurting, do you find yourself asking why you started the exercise regime? Why did I enroll in this college course as a mum of young kids? All those thoughts that fill our minds just as we begin to entertain the thought of quitting.

As I started to sink into what looked liked despair, I said to myself, “what does God say about this? What is my why?” Being a person of faith, I constantly repeated scriptures on healing over and over in my head, I searched out God’s promises concerning my situation and why I had to do my part in coming out of it. And one day, I stumbled on a wonderful piece by Steven Furtick called I WILL FIGHT! It encouraged me greatly and I think that whatever circumstances you face, it will encourage you too. So from my heart to yours, courtesy Steven Furtick, enjoy below:

I WILL FIGHT by Steven Furtick

The Christian life is not a play ground, it’s a battleground 

So today I will give no place to fear or failure

I will not accept a trace of apathy in my attitude or actions

I will reject complacency

And embrace the greatness that God has planted inside of me 

I will waste no opportunity to glorify God and maximize everything He has entrusted to me

I will fight!


My battle is not against flesh and blood 

But against a spiritual enemy, who opposes me

So I will draw the battle lines and face my enemy with a bold determination

My enemy fights against me because he fears me 

Every time I resist him, he must flee

And every time he reminds me of my past

I will remind him of his future


I will make no excuses but through every obstacle I will find a way

I will not procrastinate my progress

I will not defer my destiny 

I will not waver when I am weak

I will not cower when my circumstances  take  a turn for the worse

Because greater is He who is in me, than he who is in the world 

I will fight!


Even if I lose the battle I will win the war

Because I am more than a conqueror through Him who loves me

I will reject the lies that echo in my mind

Telling me that I don’t have what it takes, that my best is behind me or that humiliation awaits me

The devil is liar and my God always causes me to triumph through Jesus Christ my Lord

I will fight!


I am unashamed to represent a kingdom that is unshakable

No one will be able to stand against God’s plan for me all the days of my life

With my God, I will advance against every troop

With His help I will scale every wall

Though my enemies surround me, my God surrounds my enemies

Though they may come against me one way, they will flee from me seven ways

Because no weapon formed against me shall prosper

And every evil thing that rises against me, I will condemn

I will fight!


My heart is steadfast

My purpose is immovable

I am always abounding in the work of the Lord

And my potential is unlimited because the limitless God lives within me

I will fight!


The cross is before me

The world is behind me 

I will never turn back

I will never give up

I will never settle

I will never stop short

I will press toward the mark for the prize that is already mine

For I am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers

nor things present, nor things to come

Neither height, nor depth nor anything else in all creation shall be able to separate me from my God

And if my God is for me, who can be against me

I will fight!


I absolutely love this, beautiful Biblical declarations made into a song- listen to it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyzG7F-CS7U.

Be encouraged, be strong, don’t give up on that dream, that marriage, that child or on yourself. God’s promise is not a problem free life but that He will see us through every problem and bring us out victorious. And every issue that we face is truly an opportunity to bring God glory- sinus headaches kept me down for 3 weeks, that was a bad thing, but it has created an opportunity to share how I dealt with my struggle and allowed me the privilege of encouraging you and sharing God’s promises with you, thus shaming the devil and bringing glory to God.

I encourage you to fight this week, fight the good fight. Do the work it takes to make wrong situations right. Never, never, never, never, give up! And be awesome while you are at it! Ciao!


9 replies to “I WILL FIGHT!

  1. So sorry to know you were down for three weeks, missed your posts and thought of sending you a mail, but thought you went on a trip. Hope you are fine now, I’m sure you are . You are a fighter and a conqueror. Welcome back.

  2. So sorry to hear you were down for three weeks. Missed your posts and thought of sending you a mail but thought you probably went on a trip. Hope you are fine now? I’m sure you are. You are a fighter and a conqueror. Welcome back.

  3. Wow! Talk about a word in season. I have been feeling a little down in the dumps and I neglected to remind myself that the most important first step was a change of perspective.

    Thanks for being that voice of encouragement that has shaken me out of the doldrums and reminded me that the battle I’m in has already been won and all I need do is persevere and fix my gaze on the One who won the victory in the first place.

    I love the faith affirmations and will be printing them out and sticking in my positivity journal for when I need a mental pick-me-up.

    We definitely missed your ‘voice’ while you were down. I’m glad you are all better now and I pray complete healing, rest and restoration for you and yours. xoxo

    1. Thank you my dear! I am glad to be able to encourage you in anyway. We are in a fixed fight. The battles have been fought and won in our favour! You are right, we often waver when we take our gaze off God and allow every other voice including that of the opposition take root. Kind of like how Goliath boasted for 40 days and the soldiers got scared because they were listening to his boast. But David came, with proper focus and the rest is history! I pray for the grace to keep our hearts and minds steadfastly on our Source. Kisses love.

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