Greece! Greece!! Greece!!!


Entrance into the Acropolis, Athens, Greece
Entrance into the Acropolis, Athens, Greece


Ok, I’ve made up my mind! I am Grecian! Okay, Nigerian-Grecian and there is nothing physical about it, it is a mind thing! I loved Greece, so much, I have to blog about it in 2 parts, maybe 3! I’ll share photos of popular sites in Athens and the other will be called “Island Hopping in Greece” (cool right? LOL). Enjoy the photos! Be careful lest you become Grecian-whateveryourrealnationality is, when you are done reading! I loved Greece- it was a happy place for me! I hope you feel some of that as you read! Enjoy!


Anyone who knows me, knows I am passionate about being properly nourished (yes, that’s the nice way of putting it), so when I get into a new place, I identify a place I can go to get delicious and spicy food! I found this wonderful Chinese restaurant in Kifisias, in the North of Athens. I loved the graffiti on the wall, mainly because it seemed to incorporate the character of Greece, where graffiti could be found on almost every street corner!


I liked the yellow umbrellas too. Great fusion of sunny Greece and beautiful China


The view from my hotel room in Kiffisias! I sat outside on my balcony most mornings, having a cool drink (Athens was really hot this summer, so by 10 a.m, you were already needing to cool down). I liked the view and liked that sitting area made out of wood.


photo 5-1
The bar started to come alive early evening…


Armed with a guide-book, and with Imodium- because anytime I go somewhere new, I try to immerse myself in the culture and I do it in 2 ways, first by looking for what the locals, eat and eating that. So I was determined to try the popular Souvlaki and Gyros and fresh Greek yogurt- I am glad to say I tried all and did not have to use my Imodium. I also try to immerse myself by as much as possible speaking the language (because Greek is Greek, this was not easy! by the time we left after 10 days, I could only say “thank you” and “good morning) and by hanging out where the locals go, not the touristy places…



I almost had my first lovers quarrel with Greece because of this sign! So armed with my guidebook, I decided to visit Monastiraki, the popular tourist market in Athens and from where you can walk to the Acropolis, the ruins and a few other archaeological sites. I also try not to be very touristy and ask too many questions, so map in hand, I set off. I got to this station and the sign say “MONASTIRION”! So I journeyed on with the train. Only to get to the next station where I saw on my map that I had passed the Monastiraki. I had to take the next train back. Monastirion was Monastiraki!!! But I decided to forgive and move on…


Monastiraki! You could buy almost everything here!
Monastiraki! You could buy almost everything here!
Still at the Monastiraki!
Great finds at the flea market!


Greece was really alive with color! I loved it! This store at the Monastiraki sold colorful lanterns, colorful plates and other local Greek accessories for the home.


This is the one thing I regret about my trio to Greece. I didn’t buy this olive oil, I thought I’d come back after sight-seeing, then I thought I’ll come back another day and I never did! Procrastination stole my olive oil and my chance to invite you over for a lovely Greek salad!


One of the ruins around the Monastiraki, to be honest by this time, I’d been strolling around for almost 2 hours and the sun was very high. I had finished maybe 3 bottles of water and a smoothie and couldn’t be asked to take a proper picture. I promise to make up for this on my next trip to Greece… LOL, it’s because of you, I’m going back.


Greek yogurt! Check! With strawberries and banana and yogurt and ice… It was like a taste of heaven on that really hot afternoon. I stayed in the cafe to enjoy it just as a way of getting out of the sun!


Yogolicious- fruit selections for a delicious smoothie!
Yogolicious- fruit selections for a delicious smoothie!


Enjoyed my first Gyros here. It was a street side restaurant that overlooked the ruins of the Acropolis!


A view of the Acropolis from Monastiraki! A few steps away from my gyros restaurant


The route from the Monadtiraki to the Acropolis… I started the walk this day, it was hot and I was alone, I decided to wait and see the Acropolis when I had my travel companion with me.
The route from the Monadtiraki to the Acropolis… I started the walk this day, it was hot and I was alone, I decided to wait and see the Acropolis when I had my travel companion with me.
Greek sandals from the Monastiraki! Check!


photo 3
Loved this glass bowl in my hotel green house! Sort of said in a picture, all the beautiful things that Greece said to my heart…


Graffiti on the trains!


photo 2-1
A city set upon a hill cannot be hid. We’ll visit the Acropolis in my next post or the one after that, or the next one after that… LOL!
Wow! Exhausting, enlightening, beautiful day! I loved the Monastiraki. I was tired but elated as I walked back to my hotel at night!


Thanks for checking in! I loved writing this post! I travelled again, vicariously this time. Greece is beautiful, its people are kind and helpful and had really delicious food! Ciao! Don’t forget to be awesome this week!

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