“The Next Chapter!”

 The Next Chapter

A poem written by Hajara Pitan for the Inspired Women of Worth (iWOW) Network

The founder and visioner of the iWOW Network, Udo Okonjo, interviewing Dr. Ada Igonoh who survived the dreaded Ebola disease. Dr Igonoh was full of encouragement! She says she was not given a second chance for nothing! She will now spread a message of hope, of perseverance, of believing for the best, to the world. This was at the iWOW Next Chapter Dazzle Hangout held yesterday 11th October 2014


The Next Chapter

Lying on the beach
Book in hand
Turning the pages
As I soak in the warm glorious sunshine.

I can’t help but think back
Chapter one was glorious
It talked about my childhood, wild and totally free of care

Chapter 2 was likewise
I hardly recognize the fun, carefree and opinionated teenager there
Was that really me?
I had dreams; UN Secretary General, Nobel Prize Winner, Business Mogul
Billionaire, wife, mother, heiress!
All in one!

By chapter 3, I had narrowed it down
Prince Charming! Wife! Billionaire! CEO of a Fortune 500 company!
I will have it all!
The world will be my oyster!
All, after I finish university!

In came Chapter 4!
Adulthood, bills, job hunting
And oh! So many “no’s”
“No we can’t hire you”
“No I won’t marry you”
“No, I haven’t had the child yet”
“And in my account? No, millions”
“No!” “No!” “No!”

By Chapter 5
I’m already jaded
Eyes wide open, I have become “realistic”
I don’t even go where I will hear the no’s anymore
I sit, safe in my comfort zone,
Safe where I am known, safe with the people I know
I fear to venture out…

So here I lie
Book in hand!
I flip the page, Chapter 6 is blank!
I hear a voice saying “write your next chapter!”

Pen in hand
I begin to scribble, slowly at first
But I get ever quicker…
Tomorrow is a blank slate
And I will start over!

In my Next Chapter
I step out in strength
I step out with clarity!
I am equipped to rebuild
To start over!

In my Next Chapter
I permit myself to dream anew!
And every dream finds expression!
I change my thoughts so I can change my world!

In this Next Chapter
I don’t ask “what if I fail?”
I ask, “what if I succeed?”
And I put my hands to the plough!
In this Next Chapter my desire for success
Far outweighs my fear of failure

In this Next Chapter
I am new

I am writing my Next Chapter
Will you write yours too?


  1. Sigh.
    I think a lot of us fall into this category, what I call ‘broken and forgotten dreams’.
    We have become jaded, cynical and unresponsive as a result of our past experiences; the very things that shouldn’t define us in the first place.
    So yes, I chose to write my next chapter and it is titled ‘Tomorrow Beckons’
    Thanks ma’am for this wake up call!

    • I am glad it awakens something on the inside! Please write “tomorrow beckons” on your blog, let’s dream with you and hold you accountable. I can’t wait to read it.

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