Stopping Breast Cancer, One Dance Step at a Time!


I knew this lovely lady, she was like a big sister to me. Mid-40’s, she seemed so wise. She was beautiful, vivacious and so full of life! Almost too full of life… I remember how when we’d go out together, she would throw her head back and laugh so loud, I would be embarrassed. Comforted only by the fact that when all eyes turned to stare at the person making such a raucous, they would see a beautiful, dark-skinned, 6 foot lady, who was elegant and very well put together. I loved her company, her personality and her zest for life!

I called her all the time. No subject was off-limits, when I was younger, I used to go and chat with her about my difficulties with adjusting to being married, taking care of someone’s needs, trying to be good and Christian even when I feel upset and cheated… I talked to her about my career, ambitions and dreams. As I grew, our conversations grew as well, I started asking her about children, how to be a great mum, raising great kids who could stand up to be great adults…

Then it was investment advise, to buy my Chanel bag or go for yet another course that makes me better. To struggle and buy a house now, or just enjoy my meager income, which will become more meager if I had to pay for a house. Anyhow, I don’t have a Chanel bag yet but I have a house, thanks to a wonderful and beautiful mentor. Not that there’s anything wrong with a Chanel bag, she had many. She just said it was best to do things in the right time and order! She taught me patience, perseverance, she said to work hard in my youth, not to worry and want everything too quickly! She always said “if you work hard and work for money when you are young, by the time you are older, money will be working for you”…

Any how, 2 years ago, she died having been diagnosed very late of breast cancer. I was shattered. If I had my way, I would have saved her, it would have been detected early… You can save someone too, you can help someone realize early. You can help someone be more BREAST-AWARE. That is why I use this platform to invite you, if you are in the Lagos environs to attend the iWOW Zumbathon in aid of Breast Cancer awareness taking place on the 15th of November 2014 at the Oriental Hotel in Lagos. It is a chance  to talk about, confront and beat down an issue that would normally be scary to deal with. The iWOW network will be giving out 100 free clinical breast exams, mammograms will be carried out at the venue at a discounted rate, so if you haven’t had one, this is a good chance to get one. You will also be in the company of beautiful women who have beat breast cancer and gone on to thrive, not just survive!

This is important to me. It is also important to you, male or female, it affects us all. Though I belong to the iWOW- Inspired Women of Worth Network, this is not an advert, it is not because we want to fill up the spaces! It is more than that, it is an invitation to come and get empowered. To get knowledge, to know enough to save a friend, save a sister, save your wife, save a mentor. An invitation not to lose someone you love because of a disease that if it is caught early, will not result in loss of life! I urge you to be there! Let’s beat breast cancer one dance step at a time! Register at today!  Stay awesome!


  1. God is your strength. May He bless you as He did your friend. This outreach danceathon will help many women cope with the disease beause it has kept many silent over the years. There is a great strength generated in a common goal. Good one!!!

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