Horror of horrors! My iPhone Crashed on Me!

My ex-beloved! I am still so angry! She just upped and left!
My ex-beloved! I am still so angry! She just upped and left!

So, sometime last week, I published a blog post, signed out of my blog and went around the house, cleaning, clearing and maybe a little gardening. After about an hour, I think “oh, someone may have responded to my post, I may have gotten a few likes” and I pick up my iPhone and the screen is blurry! Like, all the color has washed out of it! I look around, I hadn’t left it in water, it didn’t drop at any point… I don’t know what happened. I am distraught because nothing I did to switch it on, worked!

This is terrible, because I am one of those people who is always up to something on my iPhone. Did you see my post? Confessions of an Internet Junkie? Yes that’s me! But more important for me was the fact that access to my blog was now lost along with the thousands of photos I’d been taking on all my travels! And my notes! Oh my notes! Every time I have an idea, an interesting conversation or learn something profound which I think I might one day want to write about, I make a note of it.

Cloudy screen! Lips turned down, tears at the corner of my eyes!
Cloudy screen! Lips turned down, tears at the corner of my eyes!


My feelings ranged from confusion, to anger, to disappointment, and then I started conjuring up conspiracy theories, like “Apple may have switched off my iPhone5 so that I can go and buy the iPhone6”! That’s not happening and being a die-hard Apple fan, I do not think so (or did you guys do it?) I spent hours on the internet trying to figure out how to fix it. Including putting it in a bowl of rice which I did for 2 days, after which it turned from bright and cloudy to black.

My iPhone5 in bowl of rice! Oh, how the mighty fall… (the iPhone being the mighty!)
My iPhone5 in bowl of rice! Oh, how the mighty fall… (the iPhone being the mighty!)

I was excited when it turned black, I thought it would come up, at the time I was not familiar with what iPhone users have termed the Black  Screen of Death  (how ominous!), well now I am. I have lived with that screen for almost a week now, all attempts at restoring my phone which I now hear  (from iTunes) that is in recovery mode have proved abortive. It now proudly displays the Apple logo, without doing what Apple products are known for – resilience and reliability!

Image 1
The black screen of death! Mu ha ha ha (cue evil horror movie laughter!) add some sinister slow music if you like…


What can I say? Thank God for iCloud, thank God that I always backed up on my Mac (which I am a little suspicious of now, what if Apple turns this off as well?). Anyhow, it means I did not lose my photos or notes! And thank God for intelligent apps, that let you move them, re-apply them and let you report issues like this, then work with you to make the transitions smooth.

Thanks to all of that, I am now happily blogging away. I have never felt so thankful for my blog, as now that I was denied access to it and could not get in even if I wanted to. My iPhone now has the Apple logo on it, so longer just the black screen of death, it has not been resurrected yet, I am hoping it does. I liked the photographs I used to take on it and how it was a handy one-stop shop for me. But if it doesn’t, well, what can I say? I’ll be heartbroken and disoriented for a while but I will move on! (Cue “I will survive”) And I will not buy the iPhone6 because of this!

My ex-beloved! I am still so angry! She just upped and left!
Look at the beautiful unbroken screen! Shows how I have loved and pampered my phone. For those of you who know me, you’ll probably notice my iPad and BB screens break in month 1 and I use them like that for 2 or 3 years! And they haven’t crashed on me! More tears!


LOL, just had to vent! I hope you have had an excellent week and that for those of you in Lagos, you will be joining us at the Zumbathon in Aid of Breast Cancer Awareness taking place at the Oriental Hotel, from 7.30a.m to 12 noon! Ciao! Stay awesome!


  1. That is just scary……like seriously 😳😳😳😳
    Off to back up everything and yep am an apple junkie….but resisting the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+ for now 😋
    Try going to a Apple centre and see what can be done dear

  2. So sorry Haj! I have had a few frustrations with modern phones too but they have always been with android phones. Hugs

    • Thanks dear Nkem, we shall be visiting the Apple store this weekend and hopefully this gets sorted! I really love your video blogs by the way! I am so proud of what you are doing. I’ll be stopping by for a few tips soon.

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