Birthday Give-Away & A Request from my Heart to Yours!

I raise my hands in worship, I raise my hands in praise, I raise my hands to say, I’m here, count me in! I will be ALL that I was created to be.


Hello you! It was my birthday yesterday and as usual, I was excited and joyful! There is no part of me that takes the gift of life for granted. As I did last year, it’ll give me great pleasure to give a few gifts to you people who have been kind enough to stop by my blog, read and encourage me.

However, this year, I want to ask for something major as well. I posted this on Facebook yesterday and now want to make the same request of you- “Hallo gorgeous friends and family on FB! As Facebook has gleefully announced, it’s my birthday! And you know it’s okay to give presents on birthdays right? So here’s what I’d like: I would like your old clothes please, for kids and adults. I would like your old toys as well. Hubby and I through a company we co-own are working with the Red Cross to send clothing items and toys to the internally displaced persons in camps in Northern Nigeria, our focus is children. It’s harmattan, they have fled their homes and need clothes to wear. They also need food but I am doing a clothes drive. So please, if you will oblige me, I have set up collection points in Lagos and Abuja. If you would be so kind as to participate, we will pick up and through the Red Cross, transport them to Northern Nigeria. I also belong to another group called IamChibok and through that group, we want children to send Christmas cards and letters to the children in the IDP camps as well. So 2 things I want- your old clothes and toys as well as nice Christmas cards signed by your kids saying something nice and encouraging to a child who is going through unfortunate circumstances at the moment but who will come out strong by God’s grace! Celebrate with me by doing a world of good! Thank you very much”.

I believe we can do this. We may not be able to solve or tackle the problem of insurgency (hopefully our government can) but we can help the people who are suffering as a result of it. So if you’d be interested in donating your old or new clothing items, kindly send an email to and I will arrange for pick up. This only applies within Nigeria though.  I am thankful in advance.

Now to my give-away. Last year, my gift of choice was the book “Success Principles” by Jack Canfield. It’s a book I read and re-read, because success is a mind-set and you need to condition your mind for it by feeding it with the right things. So why am I referring to last year’s gift? It is to recommend the  Success  Principles again. It’s a great book and it will help you.

Okay, so this year, I will be giving away beautiful leather-bound journals to 5 lucky readers. The importance of writing out your goals, unravelling your thoughts and mapping out strategy through journaling cannot be overstated. Read all about it here.
Especially as we prepare to enter into the new year, this is your chance to make those goals- make them specific, measurable, attainable, relevant/results oriented and time bound (SMART), after you’ve done that, you also write out what steps you need to take everyday to make your goals happen! Then get an accountability partner who will hold you to it!

Actual journals may vary from those shown above
Actual journals may vary from those shown above

 So there you have it. The first 5 people within the Lagos environs (sorry I can not do outside Lagos at the moment) to comment on this post with any lessons they have learnt from my blog can pick up their journals tomorrow. Thank you! For donating your old clothes and thank you for letting me give you something!

Stay awesome!


  1. Hi Haj, Happy Birthday once again. You are amazing! I’ve learnt to explore the knowledge that comes from travelling.

  2. Happy Birthday Haj. I love the strong sense of possibility whenever I read your blog. I have learnt to acknowledge my fears and then put them aside and keep going.

  3. Awwwwww Hajara!! How could you have let me miss your birthday? I am so sad! You didn’t put anything up on bbm? I’m so sorry to have missed it. I trust you had a great time. I have learnt how to write! I debut my first blog post right here on Hajel’s musings….I remember how apprehensive I was….You cajoled, prodded and encouraged me till I eventually wrote about my trip to Santorini and Mykonos. I am so glad you didn’t let me off the hook. You put the wind beneath the wings God gave me and taught me to fly…..Thank you. You are truly special. Love you MEGA….

    • Awww! Love you Ola! Its okay, I know you love me. I have 2 birthday mates that I absolutely adore, must have put their names up before putting mine on BBM. I am still so glad you debuted here, you have writing in you. LOL! I’ll drop off your journal at yours tomorrow, had planned to visit .

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