Oh, did I mention?

Silver and white fruit bowl hampers at Tes Amour. These exquisite fruit bowls and trays will enjoy pride of place in any living area or office long after the contents have been used.


It’s five days to Christmas! Yippee! I am so excited, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Did I mention that it’s also the busiest time of the year for me? One of my entrepreneurial endeavors is a luxury gifts company called Tes Amour and we do make the most beautiful Christmas hampers and gift boxes, even if I say so myself. Enjoy some photos of our work below and if you are in Nigeria, what are you waiting for? Place your order via email at tesamour9@gmail.com to make the most beautiful impressions this Christmas and beyond.

One of our fruit bowl hampers packed and ready for delivery.



This leaf tray forms an exquisite base for the lovely gifts that make up your hamper from Tes Amour.






We remember this aero plane with love. Our client wanted a gift for someone who they said “had it all so they didn’t know what to get”. We researched the recipient and found out he had been a pilot in an earlier life. We flew this plane in, inscribed his name and a lovely message from our client on it. We hear he was so pleased, he cried. Our client was quite pleased and we got a healthy bonus… With Tes Amour, everyone wins.




A friend calls and says, “I just want to give her her favourite bottle of wine”, I said “bring it, let’s add the Tes Amour touch to it”. We wrap it and deliver it to her with a card. 2 days later he calls me, “she refuses to unwrap it, says it’s too pretty!” LOL! We aim to please!


Here’s wishing us all a beautiful Christmas! Let’s remember to spread kindness and love this season- be a listening ear and open your eyes to see the needs of others around you, it may be a hug, some food, a smile, some company because for some, the holidays are lonely … Let’s do the good we can. And yes, order a lovely gift hamper from Tes Amour by sending an email to tesamour9@gmail.com. Stay awesome.



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