And Brittany won!

Brittany Hampton, the new DVF brand ambassador. All photos used in this post are from

I just had to celebrate this! Really! Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have two fashion obsessions- DVF and the Alhambra by Van Cleef & Arpels! With DVF, I have loved not just the clothes and the shoes and the bags (drool alert) but I have also loved DVF herself, her simplicity, elegance, forthrightness and how she seems to have owned her success without letting it own her.

So imagine my joy when earlier this year, “E” (the fashion entertainment channel) started to air an advert about a new show called “House of DVF”! I looked forward to it with excitement. I am not a great TV watcher, sometimes I go weeks without turning on my TV, but I have to confess that since the Sunday in November that “House of DVF” started to show, to this Sunday when the final episode was shown (I know we were a week behind in Nigeria), I never missed an episode! I watched with rapt attention, and learnt from DVF still! I saw how she spoke her mind, how decisive she was, how empowered her team were, how she gave praise without holding back and gave correction without being mean. I admired her style, elegance and self-assurance! I really loved the show!


And I watched the girls too! I loved Tiffany, there’s something unmistakably special about her. I didn’t like how Abigail kept insisting she wasn’t a sales person- I kept wondering if she thought Diane created beautiful clothes just not to sell them. I think she could have worked harder on that, rather than stick with “this is how I am”. We can all learn new things. I loved Amanda, I wish she’d get a role in the DVF empire. I didn’t understand Kier! I wasn’t sure why she seemed to always want to bring others down- in my view, she had it all already and so could have been nice and gracious while being competitive. I didn’t like the episode in the Hamptons where she couldn’t take responsibility for her own actions and the episode where they had to pick “DVF girls” off the street and do a photo shoot. I thought she had great ideas but passed them across very condescendingly, as though the others weren’t capable of any good ideas themselves.

I loved Brittany! I thought she could do with a lot of attitude adjustment, but I saw her take leadership and responsibility, I saw her take correction and grow, I saw her work with the team, saw how she carried herself in public (the fabric lunch and Nordstorm presentation) and of course her looks. I thought, “there’s something here”. So it gave me great joy when Diane announced her as the DVF brand ambassador.


Watching the show only made me love DVF more! Now I can’t wait to get my first DVF dress or jumpsuit or play suit, LOL. I know that part of this longing is from the ” auto-suggestion” induced by watching the show, but let’s just say I am a willing victim. I also want DVF ‘s book, “the Woman I Want to Be”, I wrote a blog post about her famous quote “when I was young, I did not know what I wanted to do, but I knew the woman I wanted to become”, read it here. I was so excited about that quote, didn’t even know there was a whole book on the subject. So, just in case you were wondering what late Christmas or New Year present to get me, DVF’s book is it. (Hint, hint).

I wish Brittany Hampton the very best. I hope she represents DVF well, I hope she remembers that true beauty is kind. Kindness, politeness, courtesy to others doesn’t take away from you (even if some respond to that with arrogance), it actually adds to you! I can’t remember that saying correctly but it’s the one that goes like people may not remember what you said, but they’ll  remember how they felt when they were with you. You always want to leave people with a sweet taste in their mouths, feeling elevated, rather than leaving them with a sense of your superiority.

Ciao everyone, last few days in the year 2014. May they bring you exponential increase, it’s not too late for the things you were hoping and praying for to still happen. We’ll talk more before the year runs out, stay awesome!

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