Divided by our Devices…

Photo courtesy ak0.picdn.net
Photo courtesy ak0.picdn.net

In the same space
Breathing the same air
When I am quiet
I can even hear your heartbeat
In my subconscious, I’m thinking you smell nice
Sexy even!
But that’s in my subconscious…
I am busy doing what I am doing
And you are busy doing yours

There’s so much to talk about
So much we can do together
The teens in our house have run amok
Cheryl won’t listen to me
And Dean? I stopped trying to talk to him ages ago
We should talk
Steer the ship
But you are busy
And so am I

Yesterday I looked up and looked at you
There was pain in your eyes
And you seemed to have lost a little weight
“Are you okay? Is everything alright with work?”
And you were going to answer
But your phone rang…

So close
Yet so far
Yet apart
Divided by our devices
Connected yes we are
On LinkedIn
Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
In fact, I hear your tweets
more often than I hear your thoughts

Together yet apart
The little one begging for Momma’s attention
As she bends over her iPad
Scouring through Facebook as if looking for a lost needle, in a big haystack!

Give him a little more time

And he’ll stop tugging at Momma’s sleeves
Because he’ll be lost in his Nintendo DS or playing Candy Crush

Divided by our devices
Tools that actually help us…
Tools that are meant to help us…
Allowing us express our humanity
Yet taking away from that humanity
Divided by our devices

At the end of the day,
You get to say who is boss
You get to choose,
Will the devices divide?
Or will you be in charge
Will the devices divide
And do you even have the will to fight?

10 replies to “Divided by our Devices…

  1. Sad. Brilliant. True. Relevant.
    This is why this year, I have a one day no social media day!!
    And I feel so good about it!
    Thanks Hajel!!!

    1. I feel you Salt! The little one tugging at Mama’s sleeves was me and since I admit my addiction, I’ve found a solution, I leave all devices in the car when I return from work and only pick them up after I’ve put him bed. For me, for now, that’s how it has to be. Stay awesome and thanks for checking in.

  2. So true!
    This is tech invasion. I hate the gap it is creating in our relations! Its almost like we do not care whether they exist or not
    Beautiful writing!!!šŸ‘

    1. Aww! Thanks for the compliment AJ and yes, it is creating a gap. I have a friend who once teased that to reach her kids in their rooms, she had to send a text, since they’ll have their noses buried in their phones anyway. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Wow, what a graphic “paint” of what our devices have turned Us to. Writing about it brings home a consciousness. Now sensitized to the ills of our devices, doing something about mitigating the negative aspects will come easy. Keep up the good work U are doing Baby.!!!!.

    1. Thank you so much Dr. Rekiya Momoh! It warms my heart that you read and leave me comments, I really appreciate that. I agree with you that the power to make sure our devices stay useful and not a hinderance to relationships lies with us. Enjoy your weekend.

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