The storms rage
The clouds are dark and angry
They seem to be frowning down at me
Ready to unleash their anger any minute now!
I survey the scene
Take it all in
And I wonder “how come I feel such peace?”

The sky is falling, the sky is falling
The Naira has been devalued
And the Dollar? It seems re-valued
Every where I turn
It’s forecasts of doom and gloom
I listen, I actually hear
And I wonder “how come I feel so rich?”

The darkness is thick and black
Everywhere there’s reason to worry
Reason to fear
From CNN to BBC
And even Aljazeera
The news rivals the best horror films
I stare at the scene
I know I should feel the fear
So I wonder “how come I am not afraid?”

It doesn’t quite add up
Maybe I’m mad
Or maybe it’s because I know the One
The One who said to the raging seas
“Peace, be still!”
And immediately they held their peace!

It doesn’t quite add up
This feeling of abundance in the face of little
It could be denial
But I dare say, it’s because I know the One
The One, who owns the cattle on a thousand hills
And as my friend says “all He has to do is sell one cow!”

I really should fear
But fear seems to be afraid of me
And in this case, I am sure
Sure it’s because I know the One,
The One whose love surrounds me like the Mountains surround Jerusalem
The One who holds me in the palms of His hands
Maybe it’s because He neither slumbers nor sleeps

It doesn’t quite add up
When I look with my human eyes
My cares clearly tip the scales
But I choose to see with the eyes of my heart,
And so here I am

Enjoying the Lord’s embrace in the middle of seeming chaos

I have done the Maths

God is greater than the sum of it all…

And that my dear, adds it all up!

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