“Words are powerful, use them carefully”, that’s the inscription on the inner cover of my phone case. I saw it again today and decided to stop by and ask “what are you saying?” Assume that every word that came out of your mouth is exactly what you would have, in that case, would you still speak the words you regularly speak? Will you call your child “stupid”? your job “god-forsaken”? Yourself “fat”? Your marriage “doomed”? Your country “useless”? When you are hoping or dreaming for something great, will you still say “stuff like that never happens to me? I don’t have that type of luck?”

If your words create your reality, what words will you use? How will you describe yourself, your circumstances and the people around you? This is important because truly, you use your words to frame your world. We all remember those unkind words that stuck, some of us can point to the exact moment in our lives when we started to feel “less” and “unworthy”, because someone who should have loved you said “no one will ever love you”, “you are terrible” “you don’t deserve anything good because you are ungrateful” “that’s not for people like us”…

Now I say the power to CHANGE ALL THAT, IS IN YOUR WORDS! You, start to speak life to yourself and others around you. Affirm what is good about you, “I have beautiful eyes, I may weigh more than I want to but my body is healthy, it is supporting me through life and I have the power to help it by deciding to change my life-style” (then do the work). When the child makes the mistake and says “I am so stupid, I will never get this”, you are quick to jump in, “you are not stupid, you just don’t understand it yet, maybe if we discussed it, we can understand it together.” You can follow that with “do you know Einstein was sent out of school because his teacher said he was too stupid to learn? You should never assume the worst about yourself” or “do you know Thomas Edison tried over a thousand times before he created the light bulb? If he declared himself stupid and stopped after the first try, the world as we know it would be different” I will add “you are totally awesome” and follow that with a hug.

I have a friend who every time I ask him  “how are your wife and kids?” he says, “they are blessed and highly favoured”. I love that, every time they are asked after, he sends a blessing their way. I had a boss who once asked me, “how are you?” and I recall saying “fantastic”, and he laughed and said I was vain “how can you say that about yourself?” and I said, “when I woke up today, I knew I could have a so-so day, an okay day, a nice day or a fantastic day. So I chose fantastic” and every time I answered “fantastic”, my day got better regardless of the circumstances, with every time I said it, I was telling my brain, this is what I expect, telling the day what to bring my way and affecting my own psyche so that I did not see things from a negative perspective.

Words are powerful, use them carefully and intentionally! Once released, you really cannot take them back, you use them to make or break, bless or curse, you have the power and its all in your words. I found these videos that make this point beautifully and wanted to share them with you. They are The Power of Words and this one by Maya Angelou here.

Remember to build the tomorrow you want to see by speaking the right words and following them up with the right actions today. Have an awesome weekend!


5 replies to “WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?

  1. Hajara, this is wonderful piece of write up. Words that are spoken actually create thought forms which are not seen but have the capacity to affect our lives if we continue to fuel them. I wish you a wonderful weekend. Regards.

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