Happy, Happy Mother’s Day!


I like this definition! Saint! How did they know? Sometimes when I look at my child and remember how troublesome I was as a child, I see a shinning halo on my Mother’s head! How she coped with me, I don’t know! I love you Mum!


Hello beautiful woman out there! Just to wish you an excellent Mother’s Day whether you have borne your physical children or not! We all birth something- dreams, hopes, businesses, we nurture the people in our lives and add beauty to the world! I celebrate you today and everyday!

Well said David Wolfe!

Also to remind you, because you are so nurturing, to remember to nurture yourself too. Remember that you cannot give what you don’t have, so as the world celebrates you, I urge you to celebrate yourself, take some time out today to write a victory log- write out 10 things over the last 5 years that you have done and are proud of. Whether it’s actually being a new mum, a good mum, starting that business, losing the weight, keeping the weight of, finishing the book, the painting, staying married, improving that relationship, forgiving that person, asking for forgiveness, finishing that degree… Anything! Celebrating your victories not only helps you feel good but reminds you that no challenge is insurmountable. You have won in the past and will win again! Writing a list of things you are thankful for has a similar effect- all just ensuring that you maintain the right perspective.


Also remember to honour yourself, remember to honour what you like. In the frenzy of being all that we are meant to be and playing our roles as wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, aunt… It’s easy to forget yourself, to forget that you like the theatre, you like to take walks, to play that instrument, to paint (your nails or art), to hangout with the girls, go to the spa… Being the very best you is not selfish, it’s actually empowering to the people around you. The Good Book says “love your neighbour as you love yourself”, it means that to truly show love to others or in this case, to nurture others to be all that they can be, then you have to also be loving and nurturing to yourself as well.

I hope you enjoy your day! Remember to reach out today to your mum (especially if your relationship needs mending, this is as good a day as any to do that), reach out to that friend who has recently lost her mum or that beautiful woman who’s waiting to have a physical child and is feeling a little raw today. If you are waiting, allow me say that “with God all things are possible”, you are a complete person as you are, you are a treasure and a nurturer. And I pray, that because you want a physical child of your own, that God answers your prayers.


Happy, happy Mother’s Day and love to all the father’s out there who help us be the Mum’s that we are, and to the children, who fill our hearts with love and joy!

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