A Prayer For Our Father’s


It’s been a busy week for us at Tes Amour, we have thoroughly enjoyed putting together your gift baskets for Father’s Day. It is an awesome privilege that people trust us to express love to their parents. There are people whose Dad’s and Mom’s I have taken gifts to every Father or Mother’s Day for almost 5 years because their children who are away in diaspora remember them! That’s absolutely awesome.

This morning, I just wanted to take a break from wrapping the gift baskets to say a prayer for all the Father’s out there.

A PRAYER FOR FATHERS (because we love you):

This morning, we declare a blessing over the life of every Father. We say that in blessing you are blessed. The works of your hands are blessed. You are productive, your mind is alert and everything you lay your hands on shall prosper.

We declare that you have everything in you that you need to succeed as Father, husband, boss, colleague… and that the grace of God is released upon you to see every opportunity, to see them and to have the ability, the strength to take them.

That you find destiny helpers, who help you to be ALL that God created you to be.

We declare that you are great! Like Adam, you are blessed with the ability to call a thing and it becomes so! May the words of your mouth be blessed. May you speak good fortune to your work, to your family and to your generations born and unborn!

We declare that you are able- lacking nothing- the grace to provide easily for you and yours is upon you! The grace to protect your own, while resting securely in God’s protection of you, is upon you. The grace to lead, to flourish and be excellent is released on you today. You have wisdom, you make the right decisions for you and yours because you remain grounded and guided in God.

You are a Father, you hold the destiny of generations, you are strong, you are awesome, you are able and you will thrive! In the matchless name of Jesus! Amen!

Speakers for the music loving dad's at Tes Amour
Speakers for the music loving dad’s at Tes Amour

#fathersday #fathersthrive #GodblessourFathers #Godblessourmen #💪


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