MORE!  A Poem by Hajara Pitan 


In the kiss of the morning sun
In the hope that comes with each new day
In the thrill of beginning
In seeing beyond what is seen
In a heart full of hope, desire and determination
The sum of all that I see is You!
And the more I see, the more I want to see…

In the sweltering heat of the mid-day sun
In the struggle to keep hope fresh and alive,
like it was in the morning
In the steps that are not so springy
In the steps that seem weary but with determination are put,
one in front of the other
In the determination to see it through
In the strength of vision which propels
The sum of all that I feel is You
And the more I feel, the more I want to feel…

In the stunning beauty of sunset
In the quiet, with weary feet raised up to combat the effect of the daily grind
In the satisfaction that comes from not having won yet,
but having fought the best fight possible
In the assurance that since I am still here, there is still strength to fight another day
In the knowledge that it doesn’t end till I win
The sum of all that I know is You
And the more I know, the more I want to know…

More! More! More!
Like Oliver Twist, I dare to ask!
For it is only in You that living, moving and being make sense
It is in You that everyday no matter what it brings-
Is beautiful
It is in You that it all matters
Or else, it’ll be a life of futile pursuits
Futile pursuits and fleeting pleasures…

The sum of all that I want
The sum of my dreams
The sum of my aspirations
The sum of my hopes
The sum of my essence, Lord is You!
And so today as always Lord, I ask for more You!

2 replies to “MORE!

  1. Hajara, This is a beautiful fo the Lord.May the Lord grant our request to continue to want Him more, know Him more, see Him more and have Him more.

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