Stop Auditioning! Start Playing!


Stop auditioning for a role you already have!

You are beautiful, just be! Accept yourself and let your unique light shine! No need to put on that attitude that detracts!

You are able, you really can do hard things; just sit back, think through that challenging situation and come up with a plan, ask for help if you need to! Grow! Invest in becoming better!

You are enough! You are enough, you don’t have to wait for something else to happen before you  are ready to take on that job, play that role or live the life you’ve dreamed of. Just do it!

You are loved! You are the apple of God’s eye, all creation is falling over itself to favour you! And take it from me, the odds are stacked in your favour- just live like you believe that!

Stop auditioning. Start playing and slaying all the roles that life has blessed you with! The entire creation is waiting on you to manifest the gifts and solutions you were put here to contribute! And you know what? “Yes, you can!”

Stay awesome,


4 replies to “Stop Auditioning! Start Playing!

  1. The imagery in my mind of all creation falling over itself to favour me is so hilariously beautiful! The odds are stacked in my favour!#favorite line.
    Thank you for being so refreshing.

    1. Thank you for reading dear Adanma! You know those thoughts are true though! “For I know the thoughts I have towards you, thoughts of good”, “before you were formed in your mother’s womb, I knew you and ordained you” (meaning you have “a work” on earth), your Father owns the earth and its fullness, so there’s no way the earth is not set up in your favour and to His glory! Love you babe. Enjoy your week.

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