My dear friend Adannma. She posted this photo on Facebook and I just had to use it. She is stunning through and through. Happy birthday in arrears love. Photo by Fullhouse Photo Studio.


My dear friend Tracy just turned 30. A few days before her birthday she said, “write me a letter on my birthday Haj, I want to hear from you!” I did! She has now asked that I share the letter with you all because she thinks it might benefit someone else, like my other gorgeous friend Adannma in the picture above who also turned 30 recently. The tone may be a little more stern than a regular post, but that’s because I am her friend, I was not sugar-coating, I was being real (if your friends don’t tell you as it is, who will?)!!! Read it, enjoy it and please leave your thoughts and what you wish you’d known when you turned 30 as well. Enjoy!


Dearest Tracy

Congratulations! You made it to 30! In a country where the infant mortality rate is so high, where either malaria or some other easily treatable ailment could have killed you in your infancy, you made it to 30.

You made it to 30, let’s not revisit all the carelessness of our youth. All the places we put ourselves that could have led to rape, a bad accident or some other grave danger! But look at you! You came out on the other side! You made it to 30!

You made it to 30 and 30 looks good on you! Look at your radiant skin, your glowing eyes, your smile that lights up from within. Look at how you have favour, people see you and see good in you- whether it’s in church, at work… Your opinion is trusted. That’s no easy feat!

Tracy! You made it to 30! You are a woman of God, led by the Lord God Himself and your completeness is in Him. He says “you are wonderfully and fearfully made”, “you carry treasure in earthen vessels”. He says His thoughts for you are good not evil, to bring you a future and an expected end! So what are all these issues you are worrying about?

So under 30’s in Lagos are doing so much?! Do you now use other people’s standards to measure your life? If 2 people are running the race of life and one’s race is a 100 meter dash, the other’s is a 5,000 meter marathon. If the one on a marathon starts to run based on the speed of the one on a dash, you know that she will die without fulfilling her purpose and vice versa, right?!

As you turn 30, stay in your own lane! Dance to your own beat! Listen to your own self. Start the journey of trusting the truth that you tell you. So in this week I advise that you take some time (2 hours at least) to sit alone, phones off and ask yourself- what does Tracy like? Write the things that are within your control first. In your health, fitness and weight, where do you want to get to? What steps will you take every day of this your 30th year to get you there? In your career, what type of place would you like to work in, what will you earn? How will the environment be? How will you be treated? And how will you feel? Financially where do you want to be by your next birthday? What do you need to save every month to get there? How will you feel?


Your husband will be really lucky to find you, but since he is the one doing the finding, you want to concentrate on you. What are you going to add to yourself so that when he finds you, he is finding a great asset? How is your cooking? Do you know a little about flowers, decor? Are you kind? What are you learning about wealth creation and value? Can you take his little and make into a lot? You make yourself the asset and the son that God has prepared for you will come.

Every year I chose a theme. In my 33rd year I said “in her 33rd year she was beautiful”, that year, I focused on my kindness and my speech (because I know I am so direct, I can sound unkind). I bought one really nice bag, I didn’t buy anything if it didn’t compliment something in my wardrobe or didn’t have a wow factor, so won’t buy an ordinary white shirt, it must have a different collar, superior cut, you get my drift? ‘In my 34th year I was rich’, I focused on saving, buying things that appreciate not depreciate, I added lines to my business so that I created more value for others. It’s my 35th year now and my theme is “in her 35th year she was healthy”, so now I work out, I eat well, I get massages more often, I watch my thoughts, don’t poison my mind by listening to evil reports or paying attention to the minority that are against me. Choose your themes, so every year you are becoming better, like fine wine or precious jewellery.

In your 30th year, give yourself the gift of reading! Read ‘The Success Principles’ by Jack Canfield, read ‘Woman Thou Art Loosed’ by T.D Jakes, read ‘The Lord’s Leading Lady’ by T.D Jakes, read ‘Teach Me How to Love You’ and ‘No More Sheets’ by Juanita Bynum, buy a fashion book, buy one on interiors, read Dani Johnson on entrepreneurship… If you can, learn a little French or Spanish, make your exotic self more exotic! 

Okay, it’s getting too long. I love you Tracy and Jesus loves you! Every thing you need to be thoroughly successful on your own terms has been made available to you! Now the world is waiting for you to step into your power, to become all that God put you on earth to solve.

Decide this year to be awesome in every way! To be excellent, then go and just be!  Happy birthday my dear girl! See you tomorrow.



A few minutes after I had sent that, I thought “oh wait, there’s more”… so I wrote a P.S, but I’ll share that with you in the next post!

Ciao, be awesome this week. Take territory, be excellent and go out determined to create immeasurable value. It is never crowded in the extra mile, that’s where you want to be!


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    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I find that having yearly themes keeps me focused and intentional. I can usually point to major improvements in my life, assets and general outlook based on what my theme/focus for certain years were. Have a lovely day!

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