Sometimes… When it all feels too much, when it feels overwhelming, when every step forward feels like you are carrying weights made of stone… But you know you can’t standstill… Sometimes the weight is heavy, the world, on your strong capable shoulders. Yes, capable but not for carrying the world’s weight… Sometimes, I come to the end of myself and when I can’t look in anymore, when the answers inside are finished or they come up as “I don’t know”, “I haven’t been here before”, “I can’t try” or the very obstinate “I don’t even want to try”…

When I have reached the end of me, I look up and out and see the sky that looks like this! And something in me hits reset! I am reminded, that the answers don’t have to be in me. There is One who knows me better than I know me. There is One who tells the sun where to hide till the morning, the One who says to the ocean, “this far and no more”. There is One who when the sand gets too arrogant and taunts the ocean about its limits, says “let’s send it a little tsunami shall we?” Because He is limitless. Sometimes… I am convinced that I am not enough, most times I am convinced that I am not enough! I am only enough because the limitless God who IS enough, lives within me. So today, as with many other days… I look out at God’s magnificent creation and I am reminded that the Creator has made it such that ALL of creation is falling over itself to favour me, that the world doesn’t want me to carry it like a weight… It wants to buoy me up towards all that I was meant to be… It wants to be enjoyed, loved, appreciated and to collaborate with me…

So that I in turn face life with a certainty that I will win… That I know that the failures are only feedback… That rejection does not always mean an outright “no” sometimes it means “not now”, “you have some more work to do” and that when it does mean no, it’s because that door, though seemingly attractive is not the best door! I will win! I will soar! Everything I encounter is helping me get there, the question is, will I see each circumstance as a something to learn from and use to grow? Sometimes… No ALL times… Starting now… I decide in favour of me, in favour of “Yes”, in favour of the favorable that truly I was made for more and born to win! And win I shall! So help me God!

One reply to “SOMETIMES…

  1. It is nice reading another beautiful piece from you after a long while. We are nothing outside HIM who IS everything.

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