Roots Before Branches

Image of Rachel & Fin in Glee courtesy
 “I’ve got to have roots before branches.

 To know who I am before I know who I want to be. 

Faith to take chances, to live like I see…

 A place in this world for me…” 

Last night, I stayed up late and happened to stumble on the TV series Glee, where I heard this song! It resonated so deeply with me. Roots, because success has to be on your own terms, it has to be more than material things, it has to have joy in it! It has to be have love, it has to be fulfilling… Roots, then branches… It resonated with me, knowing who I am before who I want to be. How am I bent? Outside your voice, outside your desires/expectations and outside the roles that society has placed on me, who am I? What am I here for? What was I created to change/add to the world?! To know who I am and then determine who it is I want to be! 

Oh!!! And faith to take chances, not to be so stiffled by fear that I can’t pursue my dreams! To not be so scarred by the past, that I think more of failure than take a chance on winning.

And to live like I see! That’s so important to me. Even as a child, one statement that resonated with me, was “even if you win the rat race, you are still a rat!” It struck a chord even then. At the end on my life, I want to have lived a life that I have loved! One that has been pleasing to me and beneficial to humanity but definitely not one that is lived to please others!!! No, no, none of that for me! I am determined to live and fulfill my own purpose, to BE everything God created me for, to live fully! I shared this with a beautiful team of 30 plus women who I have the privilege to “walk life with” through the iWOW Championship Program (a Mentorship initiative by the Inspired Women of Worth Network) and wanted to share what I said to them this morning with you. Here goes: 

“Championship is an attitude, a mindset, a determination that no matter what the circumstances are, no matter what the road block is, the end result is certain, the result is VICTORY! True Championship then, is knowing what victory looks like to you and being committed to doing the work, whatever it may be that makes that victory certain!!! I am committed to success on my own terms! I am committed to happen to life! That life will say “I SWEAR SHE LIVED”, that life will feel my impact!!! And I am committed to doing all this elegantly, beautifully, at a pace that seems almost leisurely- not rushed or harried! I am committed to enjoying the beauty of the earth and being a huge part of that beauty- in all my essence! I am committed to an extraordinary life! I am committed to being the change that I want to see!” 

That’s my commitment! Now it’s your turn, tell me what kind of life are you committed to creating? What mark will you leave on earth? What will you be known and remembered for? You matter! You are here for reasons bigger than you! Find that purpose and please live it out!!! All of creation is waiting on you to be ALL that you were meant to be, because in you, lies solutions to problems that creation needs solved! 

Shalom! Be awesome today!

*** Please accept my apologies, I am at an event today and typing this from a small device, I mistakenly published this post before it was ready! Please ignore earlier version! And remember to be the best version of you! 

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  1. Very inspiring and gives me food for thought. Reminds me of your post on Congruence, if I articulate that vision of victory and success, how am I working today to bring that to pass tomorrow?! Thanks for the timely reminder, definitely have some introspection and journaling to do as a result :).

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