Grace, oh so Amazing! 



When I got this photo sent to me, I thought “how beautiful! How happy I look! I must share this on Instagram.” LOL! Isn’t that how we use social media? We come on here to share the best of ourselves, our highlight reel, 30 selfies taken, one posted after filters, edits and re-positioning (you all know what I am talking about). While I still think this photo is lovely hence the share, this morning I want to put a disclaimer out here.

I want to share with you, that I know that the best part of me is that I love God! The only thing that makes life worth living for me is that God loves me and that He loved me first. It’s by His own open invitation that me, an undeserving totally flawed human can claim to be His daughter. I want to tell you that a lot of the time, I have more questions than answers, a lot of the time I am asking questions like “am I enough?” “Are these dreams not too big?” And I know on social media, we all greatly affirm that we are enough (and yes we are) but I know that it is in Him that I find my “enoughness”. I often tell God, “I am sheep”, if He doesn’t protect me I am not protected. If He doesn’t guide me, I am not guided! The wisdom I am “supposed” to have, it’s all His! I am the trail of star dust (the tiniest one) and my life is only meaningful if I point to Him, the super super Star!

Today, I wanted to share with you, that you don’t have to do life alone. You don’t have to stay confused or vacillate according to what the world thinks of you! The King of ALL Kings, the Creator of heaven and earth! The One who spoke a word a billion years ago and because of that word and up till this second, the earth keeps spinning! That all powerful Being, He loves you, He delights in You and He wants to have a relationship with you! That there is amazing! #thekingsdaughter #Godlovesyou #Icantellyoumore #letstalk #amazinggrace!


*Photo taken at the Simply Vibrant Social event by Kwavi Agbeyegbe in Lagos 2 weeks ago. The SVS was amazing. Beautiful, peaceful and it provided a chance for women to come together, learn strategies for peak performance and living on purpose while drawing on the strength that’s available in one another. I recommend it and will let you know when Kwavi hosts the next edition of SVS in Nigeria.

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