Pain Visited…




Oh this beautiful thing called Pain

How it strips of us of our airs

Of our titles,

Of our crutches

Turning our golden bejeweled crowns into shards of barbed wire

Totally irreverent in its approach

No regard for your degrees, wealth or stunning good looks

It just goes hurtling past…


Oh, this beautiful thing called Pain

Re-introduces you to you

Forces you to stop and look within

You know that look you have been avoiding?

That truth you have been running away from?

That deficiency you won’t acknowledge?

That situation you have allowed just because its more comfortable

to bury your head in the sand?

Yeah, Pain will get you staring it in the eye


Oh, this beautiful thing called Pain

She stopped by today

And though I did not welcome her with open arms

Or even a warm smile,

She swayed right in, carrying a tent with her

She was here to stay and would not leave until she had done her work!


Pain visited and oh, did it hurt?!!!

Like surgery without pain relief-

The cutting, the blood letting,

And ohhhh, the truth, which surpassed them all in intensity…

It  was so stark it would have been better off harsh!!

Stark, uncoloured and piercing! Almost searing to my eyes.


Pain visited and Pain left!

And what did she leave behind?

Eyes that see, a heart that feels

A healing heart, tender but on its way to recovery…

She left behind humility

And understanding- its no longer black and white

There are so much more than 50 shades of grey…


Pain visited and Pain left!

And now that the drops of hail have stopped pelting

I see that she left behind the tiniest sliver of light

And maybe if I stare at it long enough

It will birth the Promise of the morning…

The Promise, not yet seen

Or even heard,

Just felt in the inner recesses of my heart…




  1. Very interesting poem. I totally agree with you on the description of pains. They are sometimes a wake-up call.

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