In Him We “Be”

He is God of the Sun

God of the Moon

God of the Stars

And God of the sand too!

He is God over the mountains 

God in the valley 

All of Creation says He is God!


Every pulsating breath

Every quiet tear

The highest highs

And the lowest lows

All of Creation

Through every range of emotion 

Say He is God


In every expression 

The poet who writes

The one who sings

Sings melodies that rend our hearts

Oh, the one who dances,

Dances like their bones are made of liquid epoxy 

That one too in His expression 

Says God is God! 


The business mogul

Sees a whole sector

Where nothing existed

And sees the wealth of it 

From nothing makes something wonderful 

That one too,

Knowingly or unknowingly 

Wilfully or otherwise 

That one too,

Says God is God! 


Everywhere she turns

She sees the pain in hearts

Sees where the world is broken 

Sees the gap 

And rises to fill it!

Works tirelessly,

 Works endlessly,

Works selflessly,

Gives her all,

That one also, says God is God!


Nothing moves

Nothing lives

Nothing has its “being”

Except in You, oh Ruler of the Universe 

And tonight, I want to join all of Creation 

To say…

To say, that it is in You and by You, that we “Be” 

I join all Creation to bring You worship! 

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