I like the nighttime! I like the fact that the world is quiet and I am alone with my thoughts. Tonight at almost 3a.m, it’s the Prodigal Son that’s on my mind. The Prodigal Son! Tonight, I am convinced that one of his greatest gifts is that he understood timing. He knew when to leave! I don’t fault him for stepping out of his Father’s protective covering, after all, we all make mistakes and are prone to taking for granted what we have… So he stepped out and started to party! Living it up! He partied till he lost all that he had! He squandered away his inheritance… there’s never a shortage of people to help you squander away your plenty… He got to the point where there was nothing left! Nothing left and so he took a job tending to pigs!!! The child of a King!!! This was not his lowest point though… at some point, he looked at the pigs food and was so hungry, he wanted to eat what the pigs ate! As the idea marinated in his mind, he said to himself ‘how about I go to my Father’s house and beg to be taken back! Not even as a son but as a servant, because even the least person in my Father’s house has food to eat’…

Today, it crossed my mind that you might have forgotten who you are because you have stayed in a bad place for too long! Whether it’s a place of your own creation or not, you have stayed in a place of degradation, of self-doubt, of abuse, of unfulfilled potential of guilt, of failure, broken dreams and manipulation and shame. All these things convincing you that you are not enough! All these things robbing you of your identity…

If that’s you, tonight I pray the Lord opens the eyes of your understanding! I pray that you get a renewed sense of your value! You are the child of the King!!! Your mistakes don’t define you! Neither do your failures! You are inherently worthy- without more! You are worthy of love and respect and kindness! The world needs you, that’s why you are still here! There is value, weight, a purpose and a destiny behind your existence! Check out of the bad place -even if it is in your mind! Remind yourself who you are, who your Creator made you to be… And like the Prodigal, start to walk in the direction of home!!! You will find, that we have a Father who runs in the direction of His lost children! A Father who embraces, with arms wide open, those who come back home! Embraces and reinstates…

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